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  1. "recovery is completely removed from mine" do you mean recovery isn`t supposed to work after installing rom? i got the rom from page 1 v32 ok got recovery back, not sure it went away sorry
  2. well all going well untill i try to download "ClockworkG300.exe" as it gets blocked by anti-virus, does anyone know where i can get this in a ".zip" file?
  3. installed this morning, and have lost recovery followed instructions about installing and selected "no" last go off, so maybe install instructions need updating?
  4. wayne stokes

    Huawei Vision now on £49.95 PAYG

    http://www.hotukdeal...ion-cpu-1568962 under £40 PAYG upgrade if your on Orange and T-Mobile, sweet. does anyone know if this is worth moving from a g300? ( ha just spotted, the screen is a TFT compered to a IPS on the g300, still a good buy)
  5. hi all, brill rom installed it last night, can anyone tell me how to get talk on it? i`ve tryed side loading it, but it will not install :unsure:

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