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  1. installing ubuntu fresh to see if i can make anything of it. How about porting from l5, did anyone tried a 1 on 1 port.
  2. This is for the people that put their lg l3 in clockwork mod in recovery bootloop (don't use OTA upgrade, because it will cause bootloop) below on this post i put the link to the original post on Xda with the file recovery.img needed I've atached the tools.zip file unzip the file tools.zip in c: You have to adb to bootloader from cmd line in windows adb reboot-bootloader and then fastboot stock recovery (see attachment) and use from cmd line fastboot fastboot flash recovery recovery.img at last u type fastboot reboot And u would be saved hxxp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1610666&page=43 (replace xx) Iwould like to thank Marvinek for the tools file. tools.zip
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