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  1. Ai, what a pity, this community will lose one of its biggest contributors. Thanks for all you've done! In my case especially for your Link2Int mod and this rom which I'm using as a daily. Cheers
  2. wouterbeer

    G300 modem!!!

    This is of no help to you? http://softaya.com/t...wei-u8815-u8818 Edit: Or this http://www.howtogeek...required-redux/ This http://www.ehow.com/...t-computer.html And that http://mobigees.info/use-android-smartphone-as-modem-for-pc-69482 And such http://tricks-world110.blogspot.nl/2012/01/use-android-phone-as-modem.html
  3. wouterbeer

    Use HSPA:11 in any rom

    [source] But then I have still no idea where HSPA:11 will be, I guess between HSDPA and HSPA+ ?! And then I think HSPA+ is 4G, thus not available for our G300 (??). Edit: not true: "The fastest 3G-based standard in the UMTS family is the HSPA+ standard" (from wikipedia)
  4. wouterbeer

    Use HSPA:11 in any rom

    I never got why Huawei in their newer updates (e.g. B952/960) went back to "only" HSDPA:9. But I'm just a complete noob on this; all I know I just read here, here and here.. And even from this texts I do not fully get what will be better/faster :huh:
  5. wouterbeer

    2 Questions

    Google is your best friend. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1748297 Good luck with that! ;)
  6. Haha, I guess you mean quadruple post :P @Dakok, Frodo; Baidu is using CM as source? Can someone confirm this?
  7. wouterbeer


    Haha yeah seems you've uploaded files before with your box account ;)
  8. wouterbeer


    It won't give the option to skip installing the Chinese recovery? Anyway, then I will remove my upload ;)
  9. Hi Cyda, the battery icon with this ROM does not flicker anymore when connected to charger (before it would flicker between 'battery icon' and percentage). Will the addon you included in the OP ("Restore stock battery icon") fix this, or is this something else?
  10. wouterbeer


    Downloaded it but took ages, therefore I made a mirror: [link removed] I did not test it yet myself, planning to do it somewhere this weekend. Please share your findings! :) Edit: nvm; see upload by Dakok (soon) couple of posts below
  11. wouterbeer

    ad block app help

    Yeah it somehow got removed from Play. http://code.google.com/p/ad-away/ Use F-Droid as described in this link to install AdAway again. Here is a download link: http://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdid=org.adaway
  12. wouterbeer

    CUSTOM ROM *(LGstyle)*BASEBAND 2030

    Interesting, could you post some more information on it and maybe some screenshots? Cheers Edit: for example ICS or GB? Based on what stock rom? What about the speed and sensitivities, are there any Chinese characters left in the rom?
  13. Thanks for keeping it updated! I like TWRP a lot.

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