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  1. I've been getting this too, exactly as you describe. It seems to me that the phone is still working, but the screen won't turn on. I can feel it respond to long presses, and it'll ring when there's an incoming call. Battery pull is the only recovery. I also notice other times the notification bar doesn't want to be pulled down, and CPU usage is maxed out but I can't tell which process is doing it. If tried a clean install, no luck. I've tried wiping /data too, still unstable. Even ran with ART for a bit, same story. So, based on previous posts, I'm going back to Apr 10th nightly to see if that is any better. (Otherwise, it's a great ROM - been using it faithfully since before Christmas)
  2. I like the look of the front pannier from Amazon you posted above. Added it to my wish list :) A close second is this handle bar mount bag: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00DIMEP3U/ref=pd_aw_sims_1?tag=thecryosphere-21&pi=SL500_SS115
  3. See this other thread from same forum: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/364572-[OffTopic]-Phone-Holder-For-Bike
  4. 'Greenify' app can help if you've got several apps insisting they should run in the background when you don't need them to. Sometimes though, the solution is to uninstall the apps you don't really need...
  5. Eg this one: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/362276-RAM-Expand Personally, I haven't found it useful. Better to reduce the number of apps that want to run in the background
  6. In my experience, the phone gets sluggish when there's too many apps running in the background, fighting over the memory. Get the 'Greenify' app, and put some of the offenders into hibernation. You can still use them, but they won't hog memory when not in use. Also consider uninstalling apps you don't need...
  7. If your data is off, then you won't be charged. Fire up GPS while on WiFi and it will download the XTRA data via that. NTP will also be via WiFi. That's how I use it every day. :)
  8. Yes, FasterFix (or FasterGPS) lets you use a closer NTP server so you can get a more accurate time (to the millisecond). This helps the phone determine its location more quickly. Not much use though without Internet access though. AGPS (aka Quick GPS) is a stock feature that also helps getting first fix. When enabled, your phone will download the positions of all the satellites to make them quicker to locate. Again, this requires active data connection, but you only need to download this 'almanac' once per day. So, try starting up your GPS while in range of some WiFi. Get 'GPS Status' app for additional diagnostics, and 'ClockSync' to keep you phone's clock accurate (requires root). Speaking of WiFi, get the official 'BT WiFi' app. It will a) log you in automatically, and B) give your other networks higher priority.
  9. An alternative is to use Zram instead, which creates a compressed swapfile in memory so you're not wearing out your SD card. Requires kernel support, eg Paul's or Ouch. However, I find that when it gets full the phone becomes sluggish, with no way to clear out the swap. I don't think it works well with Android's memory management. Tweaking some kernel parameters might fix it. I've had better mileage using Greenify to prevent rogue apps running in the background (eg Maps), using up previous memory that other apps need.
  10. Yes, they do. I've had my G300 run this way while attempting to dry it out. Obviously, it will complain that the battery is low. Also, does the charging light come on when plugged in with the battery?
  11. I was struggling with apps and memory on my phone; it would run like treacle at times. Then I read about Greenify here, and installed it. Runs so much better now. Shoving Facebook and Maps into hibernate makes a big difference. :)
  12. I'm also having problems with GPS, but using Paul's 308 #15 kernel. GPS Status app shows the positioning error to be around 50 or 100m. Should be more like 5m. FasterGPS app might help tweak some settings, but I've not tried too hard.
  13. This technical blog post busts the myth of pm.sleep_mode, and states "adding this value to your build.prop will have no effect at all". There's nothing about the ril power collapse setting, but there's a comment that seems to suggest that it'll have no effect either. I'd guess that 0 was the default anyway. Anyone got empirical evidence that these do have any effect? As Winston Churchill once said: "don't believe anything you read on the Internet". ;)
  14. Thanks, I've been wondering how to get HSPA:11 for ages. Too lazy to install 926, unlock, root, flash again. :) Edit: Read about TT's reboots. Does a nandroid backup include the modem partitions?
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