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  1. Hey, there are only two solutions, how to get NFC into your device. The first solution is to use NFC Micro SD card and the second one is NFC enabled SIM card. The solution with battery is not applicable to G300.
  2. There are two versions of G300s. The first one, U8815, has two holes under battery cover. It means that there are no pins for NFC antenna. The second one, U8815N, has two pins instead of two holes. This version is NFC enabled by default. So - no pins, no NFC.
  3. ukimann: Click several times on Build Number at phone info. It enables devel options. In developer options change root access from applications to applications & adb.
  4. Hello everyone, there were several changes in CM10 Lockscreen which I do not really like, I would love to have another lockscreen, which would be as simple as could be. I just thought that porting Optimus 4x for CM10 G300 would be nice. Here's the link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1597928 Would anyone be interested in porting or in passing me some hints to achieve that on [email protected]?
  5. Dazzozo: Because of Modaco community. Everyone here is a specialist for everything. :) Worg: Even if you are asking about any.do, I can't offer you a solution. But I can recommend you Tasks on google play, which is far better than any.do - I also had some problems while using any.do (reminder did not work for me, occasional crashes, widget issues with redraw). The good thing would be to show adb logcat when the app fails. It should show us more.
  6. Hello Blaztar, I think we do not meet the requirements. Our Huawei does not have that "powerful" processor and not that big eMMC.
  7. How about appending path to SDK platform tools to a PATH variable? It makes my life with android development easier, I do not need to know the path to SDK tools.
  8. Hello MiN^, I did it the same as this tutorial says: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fHCqgv3Erj-IOAHssv20sxVMaphQJiVr3hebq9oQHNo/edit
  9. How about to search for an app on google play? "copy to sim" gives me results you want.
  10. Hello DDP73, there is downgrade package available with a tutorial inside in PDF file. http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/downloadCenter.do?method=toDownloadFile&flay=software&softid=NDY4ODE= It downgrades B937 or B936 to B895. Cheers.
  11. By having a look at B895 update this will be the same. When we were on B892, we received B895 update.zip which was located in HwOUC dir on sdcard (for example B895 - https://www.dropbox..../HwOUC-B895.zip ). This update.zip also consists of update.app with several patches along in the zip.
  12. Well, that's how I do downgrade - My phone was bought with B882 on it : 1] If my phone has any alternative ROM, as CM9, Infusion, or else, I always replace IMEI by the ones from tutorial, force flash any UK ROM because my phone was bought from Vodafone, root it, replace IMEI by my original ones, reboot it, and I am on stock Vodafone B885 - with all updates to B892->B895->B936F 2] If my phone has the latest B936F UK ROM, I do the official downgrade via downgrade package located at huaweidevice.com. Both of those worked for me.
  13. Cyanogenmod never supported FM radio natively because of different implementations on almost all platforms if I understood well. If you need FM radio, just use stock ROM or play with CM9 and device sources when it comes out.
  14. Hey, after you mentioned it, I received an update for GTA3 and it works. argh :-D
  15. Ah, I see. /me blind. :-) Try to downgrade to stock gingerbread if it happens there too. If so, RMA it.
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