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  1. I've always said... I prefer to wait a bit longer and have a quality product then rush out a crappy, bugged versions :) Beeing an avid computer games player, i've seen that happen A LOT :) Developers rush out the games and then their so bad and bugged, they just die :)
  2. 934 flashed through CWM perfectly... Didnt loose apps, contacts, settings, etc... Antutu benchmark gave me 3034 :) Thanks a lot guys...
  3. Miki.... judging by the commands shown on your pic, i'd say the root went ok... All im seeing is a failed end to the batch, where it tried to do some exit commands... all other commands, apparently, runned fine. unless there was more needed to do after those commands, that error should have no effect and your phone should be rooted... just check to see if u have a superuser or supersu app on your phone... if u do, then its rooted.
  4. Thanks :) And yes, i have a baseband 2030 (currently using stock 927)... Thanks.
  5. So plz, let me just confirm this: I can flash this, via CWM, and not loose any of my settings, installed apps, files, etc? Do we need to run unlockbootloader afterwards? Thanks in advance and kind regards.
  6. im doing 2 to 3 days average with also average use :) But my best is 4 days and 3 hours :)
  7. chico2069

    ICS is Sh*T

    @davidoff59 when u mean, chick, i think you mean me (chico), right?? :) Anyway, my kernel version is: 3.0.8-perf-00213.g8dfa62b [email protected] #1 If it changed with the fastboot method, i dont know :) i dont know the kernel of my old ROM i had :)
  8. chico2069

    ICS is Sh*T

    Exactly, dragpyre... I went to 926 with no problems, had 926 for a couple of days with 0 problems... Then 927 came, i waited a couple of days to see how it was, was it buggy? and what ppl would say and the result of their experience with it. Once i was happy, i simply used fastboot's method (thanks to Hpez for that), it was easy as 1 2 3.. flash the new 927, factory reset, wipe cache (+ dalvik) and done :) 927 working fine with 0 problems :) Like i said....... ME HAPPY :)
  9. chico2069

    ICS is Sh*T

    The more i read about this the more i get convinced that the people that have come here (and other places) to complain of problems with their ICS either screwed up the installation or followed the instructions incorrectly or have just plain old bad luck. Like i've said on other occasions, i have the ICS 927 on my g300, it runs very smooth (don't feel the need for a supercharger... yet :)) and easy, have had no problems whatsoever (running facebook, youtube, etc. etc perfectly), batery's even lasting nearly 2 days with active use, etc. The only thing i can't say that its working is the MMS but only because i dont use MMS and, so, haven't tried them. The only thing i can say that it's bad on the ICS is the drop in video recording resolution but that, as i've also seen on other posts, can be fixed with, for example, the LG camcorder app. Other then this, ICS is more fluid, MUCH more good looking, practical, etc then Gingerbread. IMO, ICS is to Gingerbread like windows 7 is to XP :) Both are good but the newest is more attractive, functional, etc. :) But, then again, my use of the phone is a tad basic :) but im happy :)
  10. chico2069

    ICS is Sh*T

    LOL yeah... just like asking "why should i switch to Windows 7 when i have Vista?" :)
  11. chico2069

    ICS is Sh*T

    i too have a very smooth experience with my 927 :) THe only really bad thing about it is the video camera resolution downgrade :) but then, i dont use my video camera that much and i've heard the LG camcorder app solves it :) Other then that, im one happy ICS costumer :)
  12. chico2069

    Google Play Issues - B927

    thanks. done :)
  13. chico2069

    Google Play Issues - B927

    Rico.. i was using ES Explorer (Root explorer isn't free :))... any way i can do what u said with that explorer? Thanks.
  14. chico2069

    Best keyboard?

    I've switched from TouchPal to GoKeyboard... works great, very responsive, has swipe feature, pack for my language, etc...

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