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  1. I would have said that all I really need to have when it comes to these new technologies is self driving cars, but VR is so damn impressive so far. But still, self driving cars...
  2. Thank you Mr. O'Brien. I have listened to you and I have bought this phone. Not only am I most satisfied with it as it is, but there are also software updates coming. You give good advice, thanks. I will be buying this phone for my mother as a Christmas gift. She will be upgrading from Huawei Ascend G300 just like I did, another phone you have recommended back in the day and they served us both for a long time and well.
  3. Here is my hosts file with aggressive add blocking. Make sure you have the webserver running. hosts
  4. The one I linked was Portugal version. I linked it because I tested on it. I recommend http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/375760-vdf-995nb01-uk_mr01d-twrp-flashable-stock-rom-full-lite/ with removed Vodafone bloat.
  5. Thanks for the clear info. I am Czech, too. Is there any reason to use Czech ROM instead of UK if I'll use English(UK) language anyway?
  6. I will look into that. It would be awesome solution, as only thing I need to modify in system is hosts. And if I ever need to modify anything again I could use the same process. Thanks for your help. Sorry for stupid questions.
  7. Can I replace my hosts file with one created/modified on different device, and if I can, how to do it in TWRP?
  8. What a smart and creative solution! Thanks a lot for all your work and effort. I will post my results. Is it literary switching boot and recovery? If I understand correctly I can flash those zips (using terminal or some flash/zip manager) then boot up with power+vol.up like recovery and it will boot with ability to mount system R/W. I can do modifications then. Do I need to flash it back to normal (which will cause my system to be R/O again right? But the modifications stay) or can I have the phone with switched boot and recovery? I don't care if I have to boot up with power+vol.up. Once again, thanks!
  9. Is it possible to make a flashable ROM with system already mounter as R/W? It's just a bunch of numbers changed. Is this possible?
  10. I did that, except for the mobilego step. It's redundant, TWRP asks you whether you want to install SU after you flash a rom. System is still R/O and stays R/O.
  11. Is there any way around? Lets say I need to change my hosts file. Can I put my own hosts file over the default one and overwrite it from TWRP? If so, how? (Can I generate hosts file with AdAway on different device and use that one?)
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