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  1. Pretty sure mine's 160mb. Will try downloading TPT helper to make a larger one. Thanks.
  2. Well, this is a little ridiculous. I'm hardly the first person to experience Google Play issues, but here I really can't see where I went wrong. I downloaded the ROM file and the KonstaKANG jb gapps, put them on my SD and rebooted to recovery. My previous (now totally unusable for unknown reasons) ROM was an ancient June ICS build. In recovery, I formatted /system, factory reset, wiped cache and dalvik. I then flashed the ROM file, followed by the gapps. Everything works fine, apart from the fact that neither Gmail nor Play appear in the app drawer, neither are they accessible from anywhere else. I've tried side-loading Play, but that didn't work (constant FC), I'm guessing due to ROM compatibility issues. I've also tried a couple of different flashing orders, but can't think what else to do. Any help/ideas would be much appreciated.
  3. Yeah, I guess when you're just using the phone normally and taking a break from changing ROM every three days, then you sort of forget to do it. Ah well, at least I've finally found the time to try KonstaKANG...
  4. Tried every way to get back to the lockscreen. It just doesn't accept my gmail username/password. It's definitely the right account. Sometimes it says incorrect username or password and sometimes it just sits there until the screen times out. I'm reflashing 29/04 gapps at the moment, doubt it'll do anything at all. I've tried dragging down the notification bar, it doesn't work at all. Gapps reflash was, as predicted, useless. Great. Thanks for the reply, I think factory reset is the only way forward...
  5. Well, this is a little embarrassing. Somehow my little sister managed to get hold of my phone without me noticing and spent fifteen minutes trying to break the 'code'. The result being that my phone asks me to input my Google account to access the phone. Annoyingly, this doesn't work. Wifi was toggled off the last time I used the device; I have no clue whether or not the phone can override this to contact the server. I'm running an early June build of ColdFusion ICS. I am able to manually boot into recovery, where I've tried wiping cache and dalvik as well as reflashing the ROM. I still land on the 'Too many pattern attempts' screen. I have an old nandroid, but I'd rather not use it because I've changed my system settings fairly recently. I backed up my apps quite a while ago, too. Is there any way I can get past that screen without changing ROM/wiping system data? I was going to jump ship to KonstaKANG anyway, but I'd like to know if there's a less drastic solution that'll let me back up my apps first. Any help would be much appreciated.

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