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  1. chrisbarker

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Brilliant! Thank you for putting up with my inane questions. :)
  2. chrisbarker

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Cheers mate, I saw that site earlier, is that an official Motorola owed site, looks a bit like a repository someone has collated...?
  3. chrisbarker

    Moto G £99 / £129 from Tesco

    If anyone is lucky enough to know someone working for Tesco then as well as the lovely 10% discount staff members have a season voucherbook currently that contains a £15 of voucher, bringing the 16gig down closer to £100. :)
  4. chrisbarker

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Can I ask where one might find the Factory images from and what needed to be done to them to make them ready for flashing to the MotoG. My dad is interested in the phone but intensely distrustful of roms and such unless he can download them himself from the source. I've googled around but couldn't seem to find them. Cheers
  5. chrisbarker

    giffgaff sim

    I have been on GiffGaff for a while and recently brought a Nokia 520 from Carphone Warehouse (£100ish PAYG deal) and am currently using my GiffGaff sim. GiffGaff runs on the O2 network and the 520 despite being brought as an O2 PAYG doesn't appear to be locked as I have tried a Three sim in in it also. It is worth noting that the 520 takes a Micro sim so in my case I used a cutter to cut my regular sim to size. Enjoying a slightly more stress free day to day usage with the 520 than I used to with the Nexus S. :)
  6. chrisbarker

    Nokia Lumia 520 only £99.95!

    This was well timed. I am a long time Android user but recently my phone usage has changed and shrunk with my Nexus 7 taking up much of the brunt and I'm on a budget of late. Whilst looking to replace my Nexus S I borrowed a Lumia 800 from my dad. Fantastic phone but can see myself needing Windows Phone 8 in the long run so purchased the 520 today. The build quality and screen is miles away from the 800 but really liking the OS and responsiveness. Will be trading the 800 at CEX for 80ish as my dad wants my Nexus S. :)
  7. chrisbarker

    Rooted and unlocked what next?

    I have rooted my stock rom also and for me I'm resisting custom roms for now (although I have CWM on for when I do) but I have installed stick mount for USB OTG Storage, and AdFree Android to get rid of most of the in app adverts as well as 'Switch Me' which allows you to create multiple user logins for the tablet. So now if my wife is ever stuck without her iPad she can log onto mine and check her stuff without signing me out of my apps. :)
  8. chrisbarker

    USB OTG Cables

    I got my OTG cable today so will be attempting to root mine tonight. :) PS: comicbookguy - Do you go to any of the UK comic conventions? Wondering if our paths may have crossed. :)
  9. chrisbarker


    I applied my screen protector using the hinge method and its worked out almost perfectly. Two spots of dust and both are off in the bezel area. No air pockets. Ecstatic, As such I had no qualms in letting my young niece loose on it today to play Kinectimals and use the KungFu Panda App. :) My OTG cable and slip case have now been shipped also, very happy. :)
  10. chrisbarker


    I ordered a few bits from Amazon for my Nexus 7 and received some of it today, I ordered a fold out stand (pictured) and a set that included a silicone back (pictured), screen protector and deckchair style stand. I also have a neoprenecase on the way to slip that into and a USB OTG cable. Loving my stand and case so far, left my other stand at home next to my computer so I always have one for travel and one for home. Been doing some writing in the pub with my HP Touchpad Bluetooth keyboard. :) I will be attempting the hinge method to apply my screen protector later. Wish me luck. Chris
  11. chrisbarker

    Nexus 7's processor question

    I was under the understanding that in these things there is usually a volume/yield consideration. The manufacturing process turns out chips of varying quality, if your tablet is going to be rated at 1.6ghz then there is a lower yield than say at 1.3ghz as the variation in the process may make the chips unstable at higher speed. Therefore although it may be possible to over clock and get away with it, it may be that the Nexus 7 chips are from the stock of chips that weren't rated to go higher for some reason. I may have it arse about tit but this is how I always understood it, chips rated higher are rarer and therefore more expensive.
  12. chrisbarker

    YouTube preload Nexus 7

    Nope, there are a whole raft of options missing from the Nexus 7 interface as compared with my Nexus S running JB. :/
  13. chrisbarker

    YouTube preload Nexus 7

    Is it because the Nexus 7 has no cell connection? Reason I suggest this is because from what I understand when you pre-load the videos you still have to have an internet connection to authenticate with prior to playback. So given that when the Nexus 7 is off WiFi its effectively offline it was deemed a surplus feature??
  14. I actually tried last night, it seems that maybe technically it's possible. On signing another account in after reset and trying to buy something where the payment method should be it said something like "£15 when you add a card". I added my credit card, however never received the credit. I thought it might be that they somehow linked that credit card and details with the details from my main account... that being said I have a second debit card which is in my name and is linked with another account I share with my dad. He registered his brand new nexus s with this account and that received the credit fine. The verdict for me is that it's probably more hassle than it's worth if it work s at all...
  15. chrisbarker

    Bluetooth accessories?

    I traded in an old PSP at CEX and got myself a HP Touchpad Bluetooth Keyboard. Lovely keyboard, decent battery life and some of the special keys work. The BBM style key on it seems to act as a back button, the search button works fine, the keyboard button does nothing, the brightness keys and mute key don't work either however the volume keys work. The play pause button worked but the fast forward/rewind didn't seem to, I've only tried with the streaming transformers movie though so far. The power button also works to turn the screen on and off. :)

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