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  1. Okay, I've been busy with the ROM the last days, only things not working: incall-mic and WiFi! :D
  2. News, news, news. So, I haven't a Note II... But maybe I'm getting one, don't know yet. Working: - Sound (fix for mic ready but not yet tested) - It boots - SDCard works fine - Viewing photos works fine Not working: - GSM (maybe fixed in this update) - Camera (maybe fixed with this update) - Microphone (maybe fixed with this update) - WiFi (maybe fixed with this update) If anyone wanna test it, reply here and I am going to post the link ;) w00tc0d3
  3. Hey, I've got CM booting on the Note II! I'll publish as soon as the most important things work! w00tc0d3
  4. Hello! I'm in the stage of getting audio working on the i9300, if you can modify XML files and now how the audio hal works, give me an PM, then we can see if you could help! I need to sort out all config options in the audio hal, else hwc (hardware composer) doesn't boot up, means surfaceflinger crashes and we have no screen at all! Thanks in advance, netchip
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