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  1. I think isnt necessary. The "old" adreno blobs is from 26/10/2012 & the new from 12/12/2012 both use same branch jb2.0.3_rel . So not big changes. Greetings
  2. Not really a issue of my rom.
  3. From R20 to R21 not changes about that. Edit: New url up!
  4. You can see how Dazzozo make this for cm11 & used the same to make a cm10.1 Im very busy right now, I make this two builds because some people send me PM about update my roms. Greetings
  5. Probably, i dont know what is the config of cexstel kernel.
  6. By petition, First post updated. Greetings
  7. Our soc is not supported in 4.2+ because that Huawei never give us 4.2 update. Im working on CM11 for my tablet long time in the past months. Greetings
  8. I think not big difference. Greetings
  9. Know issue, is problem of driver, BT COEX to be more specific. You have it if you try any stock rom. Wifi & BT cant be connected simultaneously. Greetings
  10. I never make fix permissions, same for recovery restore & the only difference between & compile with 4.1 source & compile with 4.4 source.

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