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  1. I think isnt necessary. The "old" adreno blobs is from 26/10/2012 & the new from 12/12/2012 both use same branch jb2.0.3_rel . So not big changes. Greetings
  2. From R20 to R21 not changes about that. Edit: New url up!
  3. You can see how Dazzozo make this for cm11 & used the same to make a cm10.1 Im very busy right now, I make this two builds because some people send me PM about update my roms. Greetings
  4. Probably, i dont know what is the config of cexstel kernel.
  5. Our soc is not supported in 4.2+ because that Huawei never give us 4.2 update. Im working on CM11 for my tablet long time in the past months. Greetings
  6. Know issue, is problem of driver, BT COEX to be more specific. You have it if you try any stock rom. Wifi & BT cant be connected simultaneously. Greetings
  7. I never make fix permissions, same for recovery restore & the only difference between & compile with 4.1 source & compile with 4.4 source.
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