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  1. my guess is that you can just install over it. but do a backup just in case something bugs out so you can return to 1.4 without data loss
  2. I didn't made a "fixed" version. just replaced the files in the zip of the rom with the ones of the gen1 fix plus the boot.img and flashed it. anyway here is the gen1 rom. http://www.mediafire.com/?q7uvzgb4o9624f6
  3. hey mikeio. did you check the folders in the .zip for gen1? it's system/lib not libs xD that's why it wasn't working
  4. Well flashed 1.6 then 1.6 gen1 fix then gapps. got the same error but I can't find anything in logcat o.O anyway got 2 logcats logcat1: http://pastebin.com/y0BKZgNR logcat2: http://pastebin.com/vKJxCuUp
  5. don't just say "something not working" try to show a logcat. I don't have the android api with me but if I have the same problem I'll get them ASAP
  6. never heard of that logo o.O gen1 usually give the green android robot and then comes the bootanimation
  7. I had the same problem with the installation. error 0. after a little bit of search I found it was the binary. just replace the "update-binary" in \META-INF\com\google\android with a update binary from a rom or something that you know it can be installed on your racer. just a temp-fix until the perm-fix ;) EDIT: are you sure it is the same path? I installed with no error but still got the same android green robot... I didn't change the script only the binary
  8. well. bug reporting on the way dunno why but I can't rotate with the acelerometer besides that everything is working just fine... I would post a logcat but I don't really have the tools (format HD without backups... ups :( ) gimme 5 min and I'll be back with that EDIT: here it is D/LockPatternKeyguardView( 213): onScreenTurnedOn() I/Sensors ( 213): mSensors[0]->enable(0, 1) E/Sensors ( 213): Couldn't open /dev/akm8962_aot (No such file or directory) E/Sensors ( 213): ECS_IOCTL_APP_SET_XXX failed (Bad file number) E/SensorService( 213): Error activating sensor 0 (Bad file number) D/LockPatternKeyguardView( 213): onScreenTurnedOn() EDIT2: on that path I have akm8973_aot and akm8973_dev might have been mistyping in the code? (73/62)
  9. yes. wipe in the main menu. then went to storage and formatted every single one of them except sd-card of course. installed rom and gapps. tried to log in and bam numbers didn't work o.O
  10. well that's odd. I'm still with the keyboard bug. except with 0. calibration on the top of the screen is fine but halfway it get's messy. and if I get closer to the soft keys it gets even crazier. and also wi-fi not working. nothing more to report
  11. I completly deleted keyboard.apk and smart keyboard is not free. maybe it uses any independent thingy?
  12. oh well. One day I saw that the android keyboard was 11mb in space and I was like "that's to much" searched for another app and found "smart Keyboard" nice little keyboard with all the options I actually like :D and it was only 3-4mb so I searched a little bit if you know what I mean ;) and that works perfectly
  13. done. but still. ghost clicks are on the menu today :P appart from that allI have to say is great job! the keyboard bug is from the keyboard apk itself and not from the kernel as I just tested with another keyboard and it worked fine. Still the calibration that suits me the most, maybe because I'm more used to it is the one in vamshi's lattest kernel :S
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