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  1. you can set ringtone in apollo
  2. The lights work fine for me on cm9r5, solid green, yellow or red, flashing green or red.
  3. Just remembered something, when holding home to see open apps it takes quite a bit longer than on cm9 r5.
  4. Text boxes in some apps not updating and touchpal keyboard tab key not visibly changing lowercase to caps. On chrome when scrolling there is tearing between the left and right sides. I tried both clean install and the cm updater methods. Allbackup not working, can anyone offer an alternative? Back on cm9 r5 for now.
  5. Triple boot windows phone
  6. I don't think I've ever had any led issues, they've always worked like stick as day as i can tell.
  7. My take: did the ota from r2. Everything was slow and laggy at first, left it a while and now its fine after a few manual reboots.
  8. mounted system and it flashed, thanks
  9. tried 3 times now, still can't flash allbackup
  10. anyone elses allbackup gone?
  11. At first I had the Wi-Fi freeze and the screen was super bright and when I locked the phone the screen would stay on. I re-downloaded and did all the wipes again and now it's much better than the 18/10 release. It seems much faster, and can feel the difference on the touch screen. I think most problems can be solved with re-flashing.
  12. Do we need to reflash the ril update?
  13. Do we still need to do the ril update thing?
  14. 22point8

    Question involving imei

    When i changed my base band to 936 i had to zero imei. I restored imei from when i got the phone. it restored notification toggles and all the Vodafone bloat ware. that's why its a big file.
  15. b885, b927 baseband, b934 zip, infusion, b926 baseband, infusion b3 to b5, imei b892, b936 baseband, restored imei from b885 vodafone bloat, infusion b5, omegamoon, goggles camera not connecting in portrait. no more reboots. UK Can test.
  16. Not sure if its been in a previous post but when I do a google search touching the results doesn't open them. I like the background on the google search, but would rather have it work all the time like on the previous infusion. Here's a link i found showing the problem
  17. 22point8

    Official B936 Vodafone NZ

    could he make a copy to somewhere else on his SD card to accidental deletion?

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