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  1. hey, do you think that ad2sd version is better than link2sd version?? because link2sd version is good but it can't hold some big apps... for example if I have 70mb free, and I install a 50mb app, i have no more free spac. I don't know why the 50-70% of app doesn't moove with link2sd (seems to remain everything on internal memory), so maybe ad2sd is better for theese big apps.... ?
  2. there are some little hopes for our metal, now that you are looking for this rom??
  3. hi, I would like to know how to uninstal system app with link2sd version. If I install root uninstaller, after I can simply and easly uninstall what I don' t need (oviously only not-main apps)? In the past I red that this program can create problems with roms, and maybe also the brick of phone. maybe something to flash for removing them ? thnks ^ ^
  4. omg, I'm costricted to resell my unpowered phone :(
  5. any news !?! everything is already died !?!?
  6. does this bug remain if I use an external program as "lg camera" ?? somebody can fix the mobile data bug??
  7. yes I use the classic lock screen. one times I used "screen off and lock" and also " but now I haven't both !!
  8. hi, with every rom that I tried (azure, t&l, gingerounay) i had and i still have a strange bug: when i lock the screen, sometimes the screen turns on for few seconds (2-3) and after it turns off - and approx it happens also 3-4-5 times per minute !!! I tried different kernels (1.2, 1.3a, 1.3b, 1.3c, and now 1.5) but nothing changes. Probably it's an installed app that brings this problem ( normally I restore apps with Appmonster directely from SD) , I thought could be a link with the app "screen off and lock" - that lock the screen with a widget, I uninstalled it and after wipes the bug still remain. I don't know what can be the source of this boring bug; maybe if I list my apps, can you help me finding the "intruder" ?? :) Thanks and nice forum! ;)
  9. completely quoted. IMHO, with roms that I tried (azure, gingerounay, T&L) I found some problems or bugs never fixed, that brings me to constantly change my rom. I would like to have a complete and uprgradable one, and I'm sure that cm 9 would be a big improove/upgrade for our phones that are dying - it' s a pity because the potentially of the phone is very good, and how Cold said, developers retires from works. So, considered what Lens said, we must contact somebody to conclude this work. Anybody talked with other LM developers??
  10. hi, I hope that this BIG project will continue, it's near to be concluded, so probably with not so much efforts this will over soon! Somebody asked to vache or TechnoLover, as Lens_Flare said ?? good luck
  11. hi, very good rom, thank you. but I still have 2 bugs: 1- when the screen is locked , the screen often enlight for some seconds, and after it turns off. 2- i can't save forever applications preferences using "open with..." . when i restart phone, settings won't saves so anytime I must choose the application to use! Can I fix theese 2 bugs?? the first one in particular, it' so bad.
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