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  1. brought a grand x and ics installed and it showing left 23mb ram Im worried I brought a phone that eats memory
  2. accyuklad

    chinese logo stuck

    managed to fix it took me ages
  3. I can get into cwm but I tried flashing rom still get stuck
  4. accyuklad

    stuck on startup mode logo

    well I hope this fixes it so I can resell and make some profit from it
  5. brought a g300 stuck on logo mode and thought it be easy to do but I don't get it for another 3days , got told it was ics stock so do I just download the stock ics again and put it on sd and boot it into recovery mode then force update to get it working again
  6. try reflash rom and if same then most likly your phone
  7. if i did a full reset would i after reflash the bravia engine
  8. is b06 best to stay on or should i update to b07 also im on b06 should i flash the mobile bravia engine 2 also how can you turn off ota
  9. is it worth upgrading to b07 or is there problems
  10. delete managed to update
  11. whats the best ics or jelly rom that as everything working and stable
  12. accyuklad

    Alcatel announces the One Touch 983

    downside im using o2 contract sim and i cant send mms at all i checked settings and used tweaker apn still not working
  13. accyuklad

    Alcatel announces the One Touch 983

    i got one but downsides are screen isnt brill its not that colourfull and when you look at pictures you can see like dots and it not super clear to look at them but so for the sound is decent but installed volume+ and it makes it more louder touchscreen works as it should and works well phone loads apps and files fast phone design is very good and battery life is decent depending on your usage shame about having no flash and no ics rom for £39.99 you get what you paid for having a cheap screen and no flash but still decent
  14. accyuklad

    vodafone ics problem

    why whats wrong with infusion or whats best stable ics is out

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