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  1. I have similar problem with my G300. I'm on Electra ROM but don't think that matters. Turning phone on just displays splash screen. Power on with Vol+ just displays splash screen. Power on with Vol- just displays splash screen. Power on with Vol+/Vol- goes to update but update never finishes. The only way I've been able to get to phone to boot is to remove the battery then connect to USB power. Splash screen displays. I put battery mostly back in but just touch the battery off the spring contacts a few times ( effectively bouncing the battery off the contacts a few times ) The phone will reboot to splash screen usually but sometimes it reboots normally. I may have to try several times but eventually goes past the splash screen and reboots and I gain access to my phone again. I've tried clearing everything possible once getting access again but this still happens when I try to reboot phone ( not always but most times ). But so far I've been able to re-gain access doing it this way...not ideal but only solution I've been able to come up with..... Might be worth a try for anyone stuck on splash screen....let me know if it works for anyone.....
  2. tillaz has said somewhere on here that B08 should have been B01 for B944 as B08 is also based on B944 ( previous version were based on B934 I believe ). You can update to B03..
  3. Capacitive touch screen don't like some 'noisy' chargers ( look up commom mode noise ). Try a different charger and might have more success. Cost and brand of charger don't seem to indicated that it will be less noisy either. Try charging from PC or Laptop to confirm that it's the charger that's the problem. High end phones have better noise immunity but on the low end it's something we have to suffer.
  4. cheers m8....giving it a go now....thx for the confirmation.
  5. tillaz says Titanium Backup isn't advised so is Huawei All Backup the recommend way to backup apps before wipe...?
  6. AnTuTu benchmark score up from 2909 to 2964 going from latest Infusion to B934....feels smoother too. btw Notice some other scores in list under the U8815 has CPU as high as 1305Mhz..... Found how to do here.... http://www.modaco.com/topic/356544-kernelomegamoonb926icsoverclock-to-max-13ghz/page__hl__%20overclock
  7. Hi Tillaz...running since 1st hour you uploaded and ROM is running great...no more slow down issues and very smooth. Great work and thx again for your great work..... hope your quad-core gets delayed... ;)
  8. I'm the same. I think the U8818 comes from updating to B926 ( Chinese stock ) which includes the baseband update. Tillaz rom doesn't touch the baseband firmware... Anyone, does this sound right?
  9. Seems very solid and quicker response....no slow downs....great work Tillaz
  10. Downloading now....looking forward to all the fixes...thx again for all the effort Tillaz
  11. I went from B926 to Infusion on U8815. B926 changed it to U8818 but Infusion didn't change it back. Some Vodafone apps won't work now as thinks it's U8818. Anyway to change back but keep Infusion
  12. This may be a bit off topic and nothing to do with this ROM but does anyone know how to get rid of this splash screen after updating from B926 to Infusion?
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