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  1. Hey thanks a lot good sir. This guide just worked thank you. Gps has vastly improved now. Locking works just fine thanks :-)
  2. Hi The Gps has vastly improved in the latest update. I get a lock within 15 seconds. The new update even shows number of satellites locked
  3. Ok just tried to boot into recovery by Droidboot and then selecting Recovery. I have update.zip in the root of the USB storage. It just shows the android engine logo for a brief second before showing update failed (dead android symbol again :( ) and it reboots the phone. The phone is working normally but I literally can't flash any official updates :( I hope AIOTool will work cheers.
  4. hey @karthiknr could you install the update successfully? update failed for me here :(
  5. Sorry for troubling but looks like due to incorrect signature my system won't accept update. Probably coz I deleted around a couple of apks. Even updating via usb gives the same issue :-(. And this was with stock rom update. What other options left for me? Factory reset? But I am afraid even that will result in the same
  6. Ah crap I have unrooted already :-(. Ok will this work.? Simply flashing xolo Ics rom again via usb update and then directly updating via ota? I badly need Gps as it doesn't work at all in mine soo
  7. I am trying to install the update via ota and it fails half way every time with a dead android symbol. While I was rooted i did the following. Removed social gallery Installed borqs gpu libs Can anyone suggest how do I make sure the update installs? Thanks in advance
  8. Btw if I installed this update after rooting will my phone work properly? I haven't deodexed or anything. Just rooted it and deleted social gallery. Any tips/advice? Heating issues Gps lock network signal loss issues seems to be fixed after the three updates post the original ICS I am ready to give up root :-D just afraid if the phone bricks after installing over root
  9. Good to hear that. Can you tell the time taken for Gps lock.. Also please tell if there are any heat signal improvements
  10. Hi guys I noticed a 58 mb update today. As I am rooted I can't install it. Could anyone please check it out and see if there are any improvements or changes?
  11. Any important improvements?? Apart from the updated kernel?
  12. If they release jelly bean for x500 they will naturally release it to our phone too... Let's wait and watch
  13. @Tanay and all the devs yeah sorry devs for getting excited ... didnt mean any abuse... (but I literally begged on the FB group .... so .....still doesnt justify the abuse sorry again)
  14. annnd turns out there was something afteralll :/ CWM pics have been posted by the same person in the FB group.. (@bluemoonrising already has seen it I reckon.. if yes please inform @rickywatt ) why cant they divulge anything! :@
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