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  1. belmet

    Worth the wait?

    I would recommend this phone to everyone apart from the fact that no one can actually buy it right now.
  2. belmet

    Worth the wait?

    Not worth the wait now. The Sony xperia Z is the one to wait for now
  3. My nexus 4 is fast. Check the screenshots I have in another post if you don't believe me.What is puzzling me is Play Store downloads at 50k sec and HD YouTube vids buffering constantly although my trusty Huawei g300 has no problem with either.I have rung my network (three) and they have no issues in my area. I also rung Google and they have no service outages in Europe. Seems my Nexus 4 is actually worse to use than a cheap Chinese phone that came out 18 months ago :(
  4. belmet

    Scratched Nexus 4

    No scratches here yet without a screen protector although I have read about a possible bad batch on xda forums.
  5. belmet

    Google are knobs

    I hope it turns up for you soon englishpunk because it is one hell of a phone. I have had mine over a week now and it is a beast. It has even made my die hard iDevice mates jealous :)
  6. I also have one. It seems Google addressed the power management issues with the 4.2.1 update. (Even though that was only supposed to bring back December lol)
  7. belmet

    My results

    So I benchmarked my N4 with antutu and also did a network speed test. I am on Three UK. Here are the screenshots. Edit: oops got my volume covering the top devices. They are the nexus 4 (mine scored lower) and the top one is the LG Optimus G. OK here are more just because lol
  8. belmet

    Google are knobs

    Don't hold your breath until after Christmas for more UK stock. Google took a leaf from Apples book by launching a device then making it immediately unavailable to drive interest/sales. I was very lucky to get one really.
  9. The price for the hardware got me. Shame it was not fully utilised software wise. Could have been one of the greats but will now be regarded as a lesson in how to alienate all you customers.
  10. Tillaz if you managed to buy one on the 13th you will get it soon. I got an email from Google saying it had shipped via TNT at 16:50 yesterday. I had mine by 15:00 today. And free postage lol but you have to wait 7 business days for them to credit you back.
  11. Yeah shame GB 4GEE won't work on that frequency. Oh wait.500MB? For only 36 quid a month? Deal.feckin morons
  12. belmet

    Google are knobs

    OK I may have jumped the gun as it were. I now have my Nexus 4. I am posting on it now. It seems that orders are going through and my shipping has been waived (but it will take a week to get refunded.)
  13. So I finally got my nexus 4 today. I am now leaving the G300 community which is a shame. Take care everyone and thanks. Belmet.
  14. belmet

    Google are knobs

    so i bought my nexus 4 on the day of release. i was told via email i would recieve it within two days (cost £9.99 for shipping). i just recieved an email from google l saying it will arrive 'in under 3 weeks'. so much for 2 days. i have rung their support line and they badword me off. badword pricks.
  15. belmet

    Nexus 4

    yeah those phones are cheap but so was the g300 and look at the s*** support we got. at least with a nexus device you are guaranteed the latest and greatest from google.

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