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  1. It's a balance between battery life and speed. The Infinity is about 50% bigger than the Nexus 7. which means the battery capacity is about 2-3 times as much, along with a much greater ability to radiate waste heat. Hence, the slower clock speed in the Nexus 7. Having said that, it's remarkably tolerant to undervolting so I think you could probably get away with running it at 1.6GHz with minimal extra heat generation or battery life impact.
  2. I believe that it's because a couple of services had to be disabled to get the stock browser to work - possibly a Chrome conflict? When they're enabled the stock browser force closes. I'm getting used to Chrome now so don't need the bookmarks synched to the stock browser any more.
  3. Same here, all the buttons disappear in landscape mode. It's set up in the kitchen to be like stock. Was fond of having the buttons move to the right in landscape but I kept whacking them by mistake in games.
  4. Sadly, it'll never support MHL due to a hardware limitation. Frustratingly the ones used at Google I/O had an HDMI port built in!
  5. Cheers for that Paul, reflashed in the end with the "phone-style" version unticked which worked fine. If other people out there are tempted to flash over the stock ROM without wiping, I haven't encountered any problems so far (apart from, of course, my own stupidity!)
  6. Nice! Only problem is that I can't get the default keyboard back, only the one forced into "phone" mode.
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