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  1. That is my problem as well, what would the solution be? Anyone? Thanks!!
  2. Hello, I tried to install the cm beta 2 android on my omnia II.. I downloaded the file from here: http://o2droid.phj.hu/index_en.php And followed the instructions of the readme file. Unzipped and copied the 2 folders on My Storage and run Installandroid.exe. After the installation finished I ran Haret.exe from My Storage/cm_beta2 but it was asking for a default file. I copied the startup.txt found on the other folder, o2beta, and it then asked for a sd.cpio.gz file which was as well in the o2beta folder. I finally copied all the contents of the o2beta folder in the cm_beta2 folder and ran it. It started loading Android but while on the booting android on Omnia II screen it made a small but loud sound and rebooted the phone under windows. Tried that twice! Also I didn't see anywhere a dual boot option. Can you please help me? Thank you!
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