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  1. Wiisky70 have you received my pm?
  2. warimation


    or get viber if u dont want to pay.. ^^ i dont know if watsapp have it but viber now have a pc application so u can stay conected on computer too
  3. warimation

    Bye Skate... ;-)

    Awsome work c3c0.. ^^
  4. warimation

    Bye Skate... ;-)

    rooted phone today.. :D gona try it now.. xD
  5. warimation

    Sege xyz-x1

    you are right.. ^^
  6. warimation

    Bye Skate... ;-)

    I didn´t missed but I´m having some difficulties on how to root the phone.. there were some problems on thl w100 posts in xda forum and the modereators deleted almost everything... :S so Im still searching on the best way to root it.. ;)
  7. warimation

    Sege xyz-x1

    Thl w100 in my opinion its very good and cheaper than that one. Specs are the same
  8. warimation

    Bye Skate... ;-)

    I take your words for me as well. Yesterday I received my thl w100 and im quite happy with it. Im not gonna say goodbye... ;) see ya later peeps..
  9. My bad.. :P it was this rom I wanted to tell you in the 1st place.. sorry... :P
  10. try install this rom im not sure but I think this changes your tpt automaticaly..
  11. warimation

    SD card not mounting

    I also had some issues with my sd card like skate doesn't recognize it. what I did was mount sd card through CWM and use partition magic to delete all partitions on card. then create a single partition, format it. my problem was solved.. after that I created a ext partition with CWM and all worked ok.. :) hope it helps
  12. warimation

    Sege xyz-x1

    nice :D

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