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  1. Thank you for replying. :D Well,things change. Just about four months ago,if you want to get a xiaomi phone you need to fight for it.Because there are more than 7 million people waiting to buy it but they only sell 20~100 thousand phones every week.
  2. Thank you for reading :D Yes it's really powerful,and the price is very low for this high-end hardware(it's only about 400 US dollars).About the screen......it's just prefect for me because I always put my phone in my pocket,4.X inches is a perfect balance between size and convenience.Oh by the way,flashing anything has no affect on(on?or to?I'm not sure :P ) warranty if you fallow the official instructions,that's a great thing that no other brand have. MIUI is really a good rom indeed!! I enjoy it a lot. :)
  3. Several weeks ago,I got a new device.I'll tell you guys about it in this tread. As we all know our skate is getting old and the development has slow down. So I bought a new device to move on. About my new device: It's a Chinese brand we all heard about it but I don't think many people know they make smart phones. My new device is Mi 2S 32G from xiaomi(the company which created and develop the famous MIUI rom). So of course it came with MIUI Rom installed. It has snapdragon s600 CPU inside,that's a quad-core 1.7GHz CPU with Adreno 320 GPU. And the main camera is 1300 MP from sony,the front camera is 200 MP. Ram:2G Rom:32G(not compatible with sd cards) Screen:4.3 inches 1280X720,PPI 342. Functions: Dolby,USB OTG,USB HDMI out-put,DC-HSPA+,bluetooth 4.0(compatible with bluetooth mouse and keyboard),WIFI Display,WIFI direct,air pressure sensor(uh......what's that for?)......etc. Unfortunately for you guys,this phone is only sold in China before,recently they lunch it in Hong kong and here in Taiwan,so you guys can't get it in normal ways. :unsure: After sometimes I'll leave this forum so if you got some questions to ask me please ask it as soon as possible. :) here's some pictures from the official web site: At the end I want to thank C3C0,Tilal,everyone who helped me with my skate before and everybody that read this tread. :wub:
  4. I really like this rom but now I can't even try it!! I got error in recovery when tring to flash the rom. --------------what shows after the root box sign---------------- symlink: some symlinks failed E:Error in /sdcard/Download/RootBox-JB-skate-3.9.1.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted. -------------END-------------- Can somebody teach me how to fix this please? thankful for any reply.
  5. Move the tpt helper app back to internal storage if it is in the ext-2. Hope it help :P
  6. @C3C0 help I still can't add any weiget on lockcreen with new build,and I did all the wipes... Quick setting panel still doesn't apear without pie... is there any setting that can cause these two bugs? thanks.
  7. Well...it's stranger now,here's what I did: wipe data wipe cache wipe dalvik cache format system flash ROM(didn't flash gapps because I'm just tring it and also don't have enough space in system) boot looking around in setting and change some of them but didn't touch DPI things then found those two things(bugs)
  8. Thanks C3C0 fastest and greatest rom I ever tried,but two things bother me a lot: 1.I can't get into quick setting panel with two fingers or pull down from up right(yes I did enable it in setting),the only way is by pie. 2.I can't find the plus sign that I used to add lockscreen weiget,there's only one page on lockscreen,is that a bug? Please somebody give me answers because I really love this rom,thanks.
  9. Looks geart!! Love the PIE thing,it's cool. I'll switch to this one when it becomes more stable. Thanks c3c0,looking forward to future builds.
  10. You have to use a app like link2sd or S2E from play store.Set them up and reboot,the partition will be mounted automatically since then.
  11. Blade has LED working?Is that flashlight or something eles?If so,can we use it's library and get ours working?
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