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  1. BestSkinsEver do quality all over protection for around 7 / 8 £ ship from US, but relatively quickly. thoroughly recommend :)
  2. check the bay for a KiDiGi dock, they take the phone with a skinny case on :)
  3. Papa Moomin

    Amoi N820 getting Android 4.1 Jellybean

    giving serious consideration to picking up an N821, what's the build quality on these Amoi's like ??
  4. Papa Moomin

    Buying devices direct from China

    so the Newman N1 works out at around £150 or so, that's an ok price for that, yeah ? has anyone bought from www.android-sale.com before ??
  5. Papa Moomin

    Buying devices direct from China

    anyone used a GooPhone i5 Lite ?

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