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  1. druch

    Xolo JB

    Razr i uptade to jellybean now
  2. druch

    Orange ICS French version

    This is the orange France update.zip : http://db.tt/14T1q0tf
  3. druch

    Orange ICS French version

    Tu cherches le fichier update.zip de la rom officielle orange France?
  4. doesn't work on ics orange france, any idea ?
  5. The android Intel drivers isn't compatible the windows 8. What's the solution?
  6. J 'ai un orange Intel inside et ça rom est différente du orange san Diego et Je souhaite créer un fichier update
  7. Thanks and is it possible to extract my update.zip because my phone is a French version (orange Intel inside), and i want give it.
  8. Is it possible to flash my orange san Diego on ICS to xolo ICS?
  9. Is it possible to use the micro sd slot ?
  10. druch

    The Best Homescreen Launcher

    For me, the most smooth is sslauncher

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