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  1. Me again, just did some fiddling arround and found out that you actually need both apps that I mentioned installed at the same time. First install Light flow lite, allow it everything it asks including root and then install LED me know app. This will fully enable your LED notification. Both apps have to be installed at the same time. Hows that for a mind twister?
  2. Hey Dazz, glad to see you reading feedback. This is not really an issue for me but its nice to have LED working if its easy to fix. I have found out that this app - "LED me know" in google play - can fully controll g300s LED. It has fewer options but it has all colors and blinking intervals fully supported. Maybe contact the dev to see which drivers he is using?
  3. Not sure if this has been posted, but there is a way to make the notification LED work. It is limited, but it does work. Download Light Flow Lite from Play store. Enable it in accessibility menu (it will ask upon install) and then enable Direct mode in app settings. You will get three basic colors and they can only light up, no flashes AFAIK. You can choose the color of a specific notification. Enable it to start on boot and that's it.
  4. clarkkov

    ROM ICS Stock C00B934 ???

    The touch lag can also have something to do with the engine games use because in most 3D games touch works fine. It may be related to some kernel APIs that this specific engine uses. But then again Dead Trigger and Shadowgun use the same engine yet Dead Trigger works absolutely fine, in fact it runs better than in does GB :/ Hope this gets fixed soon because I love Shadowhun and I will sacrifice ICS for it! For 800x480 recording you can use this .media profiles .xml file: http://www1.zippysha...83512/file.html Download it, unzip it and then copy with Root Explorer to /etc/ folder, reboot the phone. This is the same method tillaz used in his infusion ROM, it will still say 640x480 in the app but it will record in 800x480. DO NOT try this in GB - it will soft brick your phone.
  5. clarkkov

    ROM ICS Stock C00B934 ???

    K, thanks...now, can somebody please upload the Huawei weather widget from B926? And can somebody please check if Samurai II Vengeance and Shadowgun 3D games work without touch lag in this ROM?
  6. clarkkov

    ROM ICS Stock C00B934 ???

    How much time does it take to open the dialer and contacts app (dry start)? And does it have Huawei weather widget?
  7. Too late, I already did a factory reset and guess what, I got root access after the first super recovery flash! It looks like my OS was corrupted somehow. I guess it was because I restored my backup first and then did the root procedure, so this may have corrupted the OS. EDIT: I can't seem to correct the topic headline to solved, mods feel free to do this for me or tell me how to do it.
  8. @ Hogweed i'm pretty sure I did that but I did it again just to make sure and I still don't have root access :/ @tillaz Thanks for the binaries but this also does not work, something is really screwed up with my OS installation although it runs amazingly fast ans buttery smooth! I get the su app after flashing this .zip but when I launch it it asks to update the su binaries and then fails :/ Never seen this kind of issue on another Android device, even G300...Looks like I'll have to install a pre rooted ROM or do a factory reset to see if it'll change anything...:/
  9. ...so, is there another way to root the G300 since obviously this method (super recovery) is not working on my G300? I copies fine, and works, but I have no root access.
  10. Lapsus lingue! I installed the super su app manually, not actual su binaries. Yes, I am able to flash both the super recovery and CWM and they work normally, but I can't root the phone :/. I guess this will be my only option (pre rooted rom), but I have already set this guy up and it will take me another 2-3 hours to install another ROM. I would prefer not to. And this is super baffling to me, when I use super one click app it says my phone is rooted allready and that there are su binaries already installed on my phone...
  11. * facepalm * again! Do you know what a "facepalm" actually is? You don't facepalm somebody, you facepalm yourself... I'm looking for actual help, please I don't want to elaborate someones hurt feelings, this is an Android board not kingergarden.
  12. * facepalm * Have you read my post? I have rooted many g300s successfully hence I know what I'm doing. I don't think It's a mistake on my side, it is something to do with the phone. I thought my bootloader was locked with the ICS update so I tried to unlock it on GB as well - this might be the case. Is there another way to root G300? Super one click does not work of course.
  13. I cannot root b888 after downgrade from ICS, I have tried the super recovery method which worked numerous times on few G300s, but now I cant root mine after the downgrade. Tried to unlock the bootloader with the bootloader.exe app but I still can't root my G300 with stock B888 ROM. I have followed the procedure to the letter and it worked in the past, but now it just dosent, there is no error message of any kind, the super recovery installs, but there are no su binaries and when I install them manually I can't get root access. Any ideas?
  14. Done and done but still issues persist, at least in Samurai II: Vengeance and Minimoto Racing. GTA II however now works perfectlz fine...:/

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