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  1. Hi. I installed this ROM recently. Before, I've been using the last build of CM12.1 by @KonstaT. But seems that this ROM is more slow (opening apps, unlocking, start a phone call, touch responsiveness, etc.). Did a clean install. Is this normal? And there is some way to increase performance? Thanks for the amazing work.
  2. Using this ROM on my father's Kis 3 (Moche A16). Working better than ever. With the stock ROM it reboot on some play store download's, the android system have a lot of wakelocks, draining all the battery in one day without using it, etc. We sent it to the warranty repair, but nothing was done. So, this ROM "repair" all the problems and now the phone have the most recent Android version, and performe very well. So, thank you very much for your work, KonstaT. Smart brains, do great things.
  3. Thanks for the update. This is still the ROM I use. I trust it, It's stable and is JB (I prefer than ICS).
  4. I must say, I install several ROM's for blade. This is to me the best: not so fast as CM7 but equal to CM9 and more updated. CM11, ... have lag in my blade.
  5. Hi. In the app TPT helper you should choose the option create a new TPT. There, you can select the size of the partitions (choose 180mb to system and 2mb to cache). Seems to me, like you sad in other post, if you have a list of green errors when you press the keys combination, you should use the Gen1 to Gen2 TPT. When you create a new TPT (you need a internet connection!), just verify the files (option in TPT helper), then turn off the phone and do again the keys combination. All your partitions will be deleted! Then you have to reboot in recovery and install a new ROM (and I recomend to install a newer recovery, too). This could not work. Good luck!
  6. I had 1 random reboot yesterday. Today, when I pick up the phone and tried to switch on the screen nothing happens, just a blank screen. Tried to reboot and nothing, all the buttons do nothing. I called to the phone and it was calling!, but the phone didn't rang or switch on the screen. The only way to reboot was removing the battery. Like is referred on OP, this ROM is not for daily use, yet.
  7. Trying this ROM and seems to work great. I think is faster than CM10.2. I think opening some apps seems to be faster than CM9! But in some apps the processing is slowest than CM9, as installing apps. WiFi, GPS, RIL, everything works good for me. The problem I have is about MMS. I couldn´t send or receive MMS without data connection. There's nothing I can do about APN, etc. Is a problem I had in the CM7 times. In some point (in ventura's Eco CM9), the MMS autoretrieval was fixed and working great without data connection. The other thing I miss, is about the video previews in gallery, but that doesn't work in CM10.2 either.
  8. Hi. Thanks Zeelog! I´ve tried your ROM. That's amazing how it works great and smooth in a so experimental phase. The things I miss: there's no calendar sync, the clock in the lockscreen doesn't look right (seems it's missing a couple of lines in the bottom), the camera recorder have blur videos, the gallery doesn't preview videos and finally I miss an option to disable the softbutton bar. So, thanks a lot for this and keep the good work!
  9. Nothing is impossible. Androidarmv6 project is working on KitKat for Samsung GIO. There is a alpha release: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2582642. Yes, I would like very much new android version on our blades. But I can´t whine, I don´t know nothing about developing rom's. Just thank all that contribute.
  10. Are you kidding? All the ROM's I have been using in my blade is from yours (since Swedish Snow). So, a beer doesn't pay all the pleasure I have with my blade and your ROM's. It just a poor thank you.
  11. Already done it. In the bottom of the first post there is a donate button for konstaT.
  12. Hi. KonstaT returns with a awsome 4.4 Rom for Blade III. I hope KonstaT could port for our blades too. We should suport him, donating beers and beeing polite. Our blades are alive and updated just because of his effort and free work.
  13. Hi. I´m using this ROM a long time ago. Only now I realize the MMS autoretrivial isn't working for me. In the MMS app the setting "MMs autoretrivial" is switched on. The APN's is the default by provider. I know that this worked, but why isn't working right now? I can´t send or receive MMS with the data connection off. Someone knows what's wrong? Thanks. EDIT: Ok. Now is working. I´ve done nothing, only switched "2G only connection" off and on (??)
  14. I had very RR in games in a stock GB rom. The phone was still in garanty so they gave me another blade that now works fine with all rom´s and with all kind of apps. I use s2e.
  15. What´s your opinion about this mod http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2360985 in this ROM? It kind works but maybe is ilusion because it deactivate all the animations and it seems apps open faster.
  16. The com.android.phone error occurs when there is no SIM card. Could be your case?
  17. Thank you very much! Never though it would be possible a ROM likes this in our blades. If this final, let me say the only problem I can find in this ROM is gallery don´t preview recorded video. Can't find any other problem.
  18. Hello. Here´s what i thing about s2e and this rom: S2E from 2nd page of this threat works fine for me (install, reboot, open s2e and check "mount as ext4", reboot). The only thing is that you can´t put 1Gb of apps because you have some app files in the internal memory for each app (dalvik and data), so you install apps, you have a lot of space on the ext partion and your internal memory goes low. You have some alternatives here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1716124. But move all the data to ext (including dalvik and data files) causes lag with a low speed card and a lot of reading/writing can cause damage to the card (theoricaly).
  19. Hello. The gallery doesn´t generate previews of the recorded videos with camera. I supose that already fixed, but isn't working for me. Is there something I can do? I have problems viewing videos with hardware decoding too (that I don't have in CM7).
  20. Hello. I´ve been notice that wifi internet speed is very slow in my blade with this rom. Is this common to all or just me? Second: link2sd does the same as s2e?
  21. I use this rom one week ago. My bluetooth isn't working properly. Need reboot and sometimes refuses the comunication. There´s the lock screen bug too (the ring distorced on the bottom). I had one random reboot. I can´t find any other problem. This is a great rom: fast, smooth and almost stable. Since Swedish Snow, using KonstaT Rom's. We all own him a lot.
  22. Hello, there. Thanks a lot to allow me use a CM7 rom. In all the CM7 rom based, the mms doesn't work on my blade (with data off). I used the Swedish Snow, CM9 and CM10. CM9 and CM10 seems to be heavy for the device. The Swedish Snow dont have the same customization and themes. But, in your rom, in order to receive mms and get a notification, I had to define in the internet APN the type as 'default' (and not 'default,supl'). Once again, thanks for resolving this old problem, that prevent some people use the CM7. (really sorry about the english)
  23. Hello. I'm using this ROM and will stay with it. Is stable, good visual, long battery autonomy and no lag. No problems with wi-fi, no problems with unlocking. The only thing: clean a single notification on notification list is so hard. This ROM is getting very popular for those who likes stability and fastness. I know a lot of blades users using it. Thank you!
  24. This worked. But... Not a satisfactory solution.
  25. Exact the same happens to me. No MMS send/receive without data turned on. I tried 3 ways that i´ve seen in web and that worked with some: - "Use root explorer, and make sure it is set to R/W mode (read/write). Navigate to /data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases/telephony.db and delete that file, then restart your phone. After the restart, you should be able to send and receive MMS messages." - "On the settings of internet APN, replace APN type: where is 'default,supl', delete supl (apn type is only 'default')" - "Use a APN app" None this worked with me. Carrier: TMN (Portugal) (this problem seems to be frequent on portuguese blades, right? But only happens on some, lots of people don´t have this problem)
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