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  1. I have found a solution, after you install rom and gapps I had to format both sd cards in cwm.. make sure you do some backup on PC
  2. I can't even do a clean install on this build :/ google play services and some system apps (messaging) keeps FC-ing
  3. Play Store is gone after new update, anybody else?
  4. had the same issue, just change it in language options to pico tts and it will stop
  5. me too.. reverted to 20130919 build.. btw, can you hack a call speaker to be a bit louder on gsm calls? in voip (skype) the in-call volume is 2 times louder on max than ordinary calls also, anyone having a bug in viber with calls? dunno is it because of rom or viber issue anyway, rom is working great! :)
  6. is there a chance for any build with sd card as primary? I wont update to new release mostly because I use iGo for navigation and that folder is over 1,5gb
  7. ok, but is there any way to change default storage in settings? I have a lot of apps moved on sd card
  8. Did a fresh install of the latest nightly build and after 12 hours camera failed and it says "camera has been disabled because of security policies" .. is there any way to fix that? It was working fine, but suddenly it stopped fixed: I had to enable back on camera widget on lock screen settings
  9. yep, the led is working now with those 2 apps combined o.O
  10. ok, I encountered some really weird s*it now... phone booted while it was on charger turned off edit: 2 times in a row
  11. here's a screenshot of very often graphic glitch (I was in ComicRack app, but this type of glitch is happening also in browser, camera zoom fx and in other apps)... However, it all goes back to normal when I rotate the screen in this particular app... it doesn't matter if it's checked "disable HW overlays" box in development options or not... Cheers :)
  12. same bugs as mentioned here (notification bar freeze, led not working)... done full format/wipe so it's clean install with latest cwm touch r2... otherwise works great, thanks!
  13. minor issues (CM R5): - Won't connect on some wi-fi routers (rare cases), stuck on obtaining ip adresses.. on other phones works fine - (happens in 80% of the time) When the phone boots wi-fi is always gray and doesn't receive or send any data until I manually switch off and on again - Caller id lag still present (rarely, but it's happening) - Random reboots when on 3g data, also rarely - When the phone boots or reboots brightness is on highest value until I switch off and on automatic backlight (just like on wifi data) also you can try the "next launcher beta" with this rom... it rocks :) Cheers!
  14. I've tried r5 and switched back to r4.. transitions are much smoother in r4 with nova launcher and look & feel options set to "relaxed"... I don't know if it has any relation with that tiled rendering setting, but with r4 it really feels like a new phone.. :)
  15. does that reverted change makes some difference in performance? I'm asking because I'm not using stock messaging app and I don't have the need to update if it hangs only there
  16. :blink: Wow.. I have started almost any application I have on the phone without killing app on exit and it's working for 50 minutes without any problems or lags etc... We'll see, but for now it feels a lot faster than R3...
  17. Confirming caller ID lag on incoming calls.. It won't occasionaly show the name and picture until it's answered or rejected. With other minor issues and bugs I can live with. Great work Daz! It's almost perfect rom for this phone. Thanks!
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