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  1. I heard that Jiayu have own factories for their mobile. So quality is bigger that all most other companies which phones made some strange factories.
  2. I have problem with titanium backup. With last release I cant use it.
  3. What are necessary actions for updating from beta 1 rom to this one? (what format or wipe atc.) thx
  4. My old phone X10 mini had adreno 200 too and in JB rom is that project butter works well.
  5. It is very depressing than my old phone X10 mini (bath) has almost JB for deily use. It has same graphics adreno 200 like G300, maybe you can use something ... .)
  6. Where I can find all added app which you talking about?
  7. I love this rom, great job. For me all what I need or use works well.
  8. Amazing job Can I ask you if will be possible set incoming call sound to max loud immediately? Maybe it is standart in ICS, I have this problem with GB.
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