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  1. I was taking a look at bringing up KitKat on the hudl, till I bricked the device and eventually picked up a nexus 7 fhd. It is possible to get KitKat from other rk3188 devices to boot on the hudl, and output via the HDMI. However it's a different story trying to get it to output on the internal display (I did get it to display scrambled images on the display before I bricked it). Maybe a more experienced developer could get a fully function ROM, but since the hudl deviates from the typical RK3188 configuration (in terms of what the SoC is paired with, hardware wise), it'll be one hell of a task to make that happen
  2. It is, however patches do exist for it and I assume vendors like rockchip have implemented their own way of handling SD cards (Possibly reverting it to how it worked before the release of 4.4)
  3. can confirm it working on OSX, it only drops the su binary in the appropriate place so you'll need to install a super user app of your choice.
  4. I have no idea if its still possible to root the 1.3.1 update with Kingo. I have found that Cydia Impactor (http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/) is able to root the Hudl at all firmware versions, so if you need to root I'd recommend giving that a go..
  5. Guessing its a staggered rollout/soak test, as I've yet to receive it. I am rooted however so that could have an impact. Does anyone know if the kernel sources provided by Tesco have been updated to reflect the changes that are in this update. Its a shame we have yet to receive KitKat, however that could be next.
  6. It seems odd that a minor update like this would have to undergo googles certification process, which makes me wonder if they are planning on pushing kitkat out once it has passed the google CTS (if that is the certification process they're referring too)
  7. The basic rockchip SDK isn't device specific (basically why I was able to boot kitkat on the hudl previously), however the kernel will most likely have to be built from the tesco source due to differences in configuration and such.
  8. I don't think we're missing anything to compile kitkat for the hudl, I'm not sure on the openness/availability of the rockchip SDK however, so that could end up being a limiting factor. Of course, I may have over-simplified the requirements for getting kitkat on the hudl, hopefully I haven't though. I took a few screenshots of the video posted, and the build of kitkat on the hudl seems to be from around December 31st. It also seems to have no connection to tesco (even down to the kernel build host which would normally contain something to do with tesco). Maybe rockchip themselves compiled the build demonstrated for presentation at a trade show.
  9. I guess integration of the original tesco software should be a pretty quick process, especially when kitkat is ready to go. I'm not sure what we're missing to build kitkat, we have the tesco kernel sources and the rockchip kitkat sdk, so someone just needs to put it all together.
  10. I would think so too, hopefully they're working on the branded software (which could explain the hold up), however with news this morning confirming a Hudl 2 and high end smartphone from tesco I am beginning to doubt if we'll ever see KitKat on the original Hudl
  11. Going to bump this just to post a video that seemed to slip under most of our radars. It was posted by a Hungarian tech blog at some kind of trade show, and it demonstrates the hudl running pure 4.4 (no tesco add ons, just the launcher2 like GPE devices had and google apps). I have no idea if there is a kitkat firmware out there, but it seems entirely possible. Link to the video:
  12. You should be able to skip the wi-fi configuration, if thats not possible than a USB/Bluetooth keyboard should be all that you need to get past the initial setup to a point where you can install a fresh version of google keyboard.
  13. Going to quote what user tonyworks said on another forum (I don't think direct naming/linking is allowed here) Hopefully that provides some indication towards when we might receive an update (KitKat or not), Tesco seem to be have very vague with any sort of communication in regards to updates/bug fixes
  14. I've tried it and had success, casting from the hudl to an MK808B, worked fine for me and appeared to be in the native resolution of the MK808B (Which was 1080p) without any bars, there seemed to either be latency issues or lag with some things but otherwise its perfectly fine.
  15. Well, after a little too much adventurous experimentation with bringing KK to the Hudl, I made a bad mistake and ended up "hard bricking" so to speak, (I say hard bricking as the Hudl is in a permanent recovery/flash mode state and is always met by erase idb errors when trying to reflash the device). Now, as I can't find any documentation on the nand/emmc (Samsung klmag2we4a-a001 by the looks of things), I have no idea on how to erase the NAND or put it into a mask rom mode (Some RK3188 users were doing this on devices with Hynix NAND), I'm not quite sure what to do now with the device. I'm considering contacting samsung in hope of receiving some kind of specific datasheet/pinout but aside from that, I'm left with a hudl shaped paperweight for now. (If anyones curious about the KK port. Yeaaaah,it didn't go so great, I did get the Pipo U8 kk build barely running though for anyone interested!)
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