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  1. @dinamo1975 Thanks for the batt mode m8....
  2. I would like to have this battery mod on this ROM... Anyone have it? Thanks... http://www.modaco.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=82141
  3. Can someone point to the battery circle mod with fat segments that works with r6... thx
  4. Good one.... @Cyda: Any chance for vol wake add on?
  5. Here also some network problems... Full signal bar but unreachable. Only after reboot everything working again....
  6. First let me say really god work... bravo for devs... Live long and prosper... Now one thing that I have noticed. I had a few times problem with my SD card. Apps installed on card not working, ES file explorer says no card or card not mounted BUT still showing used\free space. Also Settings>Storage showing Card present and showing used\free space BUT cannot unmount. Still no big deal as after restart everything works just fine. Just wondering is it just me (because I was to lazy to do clean install,just did OTA) or is some one else experiencing same problem? BTW I had same problem on CM10.... Never the less great ROM
  7. Yup... bar code scanner preview corupted... like on panorama mode and ProCapture... no big deal, can wait... GJ dazzz
  8. Just delete camera from lock screen and add it again. (Settings>LockScreen)
  9. I use ES File explorer on daily bases and not a single problem... What is your problem with it?
  10. Anyone else has problems with blue tooth poor sound quality or am i tripping?
  11. I really like this rom, all the good stuff is there (GJ Dazz). Only thing, somehow I feel that battery charge/control is a bit off. 1. battery is down to 10% when plugged on charger. Very fast "full" charge. (left it on charger over night) 2. next day 8am 100%, NO 3G at all, Wifi ON all day, 60 in off talk time, 15-20 min of web browsing, 10pm battery at 13%, Full charge over night 3. next day, same usage, NO 3G..... at 11pm battery at 70%, second day at 8pm batt at 30%... To simplify, whit the same charging habits and pretty same usage sometimes battery lasts 10-15 hours, sometimes it lasts 50+ hours.... Looks like that battery status (charge) is not accurate, and phone completes charging before battery is really full. Maybe it just me.... Anyone else make sense of this....
  12. I can also report problems with missed calls SMS... Never happened before (was on Infusion from the beginning)...
  13. Is there a way to remove IP button from dialer? Will replacing dialer remove call recording... Did anyone tried IP call? I did and its not working as SIP phone, no sound both ways, but this could be my network thing.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but one of previous Infusion versions had it....
  15. With Signature check set to Enable it wont install. Signature verification failed. With disabled signature chreck it installs but not working... Maybe its me, am I missing something? What is correct way to install that pach?

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