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  1. No Frills clocked at 1.19 caused a reboot within 5 mins so will keep it as it is as I had no real complaints about performance
  2. Been a while since I posted here. Been running Slim for ages (v13) as it is the best ROM for this phone IMHO I just DL'd PaulM's Kernal #15 to run with this. How do you set the overclocking? Do you DL a separate app or am I missing a hidden system option?
  3. Battery life is amazing on v11, I have come from 10.1 only because I get lag build up after a while but the battery life on this is significantly better.
  4. Thanks TT - Do you have a link for that Gapps mentioned mate?
  5. @Tangerine Tractor Do you have a basic list of instructions to get to where you are now please? Wipe Phone Boot Recovery Load ROM zip file Flash Gaps v?? Reboot Do the script stuff etc Would be helpful so can get to the same state you are in TIA
  6. Can anyone report on the current buzz on IRC re what's happening - not sure who is keeping up with news :)
  7. Actually sorry to you - it does increase the font (I set it back to normal) it is just their definition of huge is well..... naff Does anyone else know of any other way to increase the font or an app that gives you this degree of control. Looked at Big Font but that seems to attack the whole phones font not just SMS
  8. Hi, as I said above I have already set font size to huge but that does not seem to effect the typed font (or the displayed font) in SMS messages
  9. Hi My wife has just come in with one of these phones to replace her San Fran - Can anyone tell me if it is possible to increase the text size in the default SMS app please. Mainly for the text you type (have set font to huge) but if possible for the suggested words as well that would be great. If it is not possible in the default app can anyone suggest a play store app where it is possible please?
  10. Do you have a link to this in the play store please, cannot find it for love nor money.
  11. Very low Mic when going to speakerphone here, inaudible I would say. In call sound via normal method is fine. This is after a wipe and install plus a battery pull. Payday on 31st after the longest month and that will be donate day :) Thanks again Daz
  12. Where is the screen shot setting in settings please, I have looked but I am having a blind moment.
  13. Holy moly that's fast - complete wipe and install here, let's see how it goes :)
  14. Flash the .zip file in the first post - just choose Hybrid version I would say
  15. And I now have a nicely rooted Kindle Fire HD with google play installed by following these instructions
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