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  1. Northstandhero

    First problem with the phone

    Did you not have automatic back up for Google photo's?
  2. Northstandhero

    So who picked one up?

    Had one for a couple of weeks, unlocked and removed the Vodafone bloat, not had any issues with it everyone whose seen it can't believe it was only £125 on PAYG.
  3. Northstandhero

    Where to buy the Smart Cover and Pro Stylus?

    Just read a few reviews of the official slide cover and they are not all that complimentary, if anybody finds any decent covers that are compatible with the note it may be a good idea to post the links here.
  4. Northstandhero

    Where to buy the Smart Cover and Pro Stylus?

    Cheers think I'll probably be doing the same.
  5. 35000 on AnTuTu which is incredible, had the Motorola Xoom 10 and the Sammy Tab 2 in the past and this absolutely batters them, loving it.
  6. Northstandhero

    Where to buy the Smart Cover and Pro Stylus?

    Would also be interested to know if anyone knows if these or a compatible cover is available, with having the two front facing speakers a lot of the generic flip covers are unsuitable.
  7. Northstandhero

    CyanogenMod 10.1 for V5

    Looks like a CyanogenMod Rom has been uploaded on needrom, Haven't tried it yet as the Miui Rom I've been running for a week has been brilliant it's here if anyone wants to try it http://www.needrom.com/mobile/romvowney-v5jb4-2-1cm10-1-cyanogenmod-10-1-stock-mix-rom-by-filipmcmine/
  8. Northstandhero

    Compass not working at all

    This has the same kernel though? thought the compass was meant to be a kernel problem.
  9. Northstandhero

    Best UK 3G Coverage??..........( OFFTOPIC )

    Update, I ordered a 3 sim the 3g was fine at work but i couldn't even get a network signal at home.I then ordered an Orange/EE sim which has been brilliant great 3G speeds everywhere.
  10. Northstandhero

    best keyboard

    It's down to personal preference mate, I've tried Swype,touchpal and stock and always go back to touchpal.
  11. Northstandhero

    MIUI Rom

    Nice one, cheers for that.
  12. Northstandhero

    MIUI Rom

    No mate, just got the usual developer options.tried editing the gps config, in system,etc but for some reason it won't save the edit, I think it's to do with the R/RW options but can't find anywhere in the file explorer options to make it writeable.
  13. Northstandhero

    MIUI Rom

    Been running this for a few days , great Rom not had a single reboot, only issues are flaky gps need to edit my gps config file and the fact i need to re sign in to Twitter every time I reboot the phone.
  14. Northstandhero

    MIUI Rom

    One more thing I've noticed in this Rom is that after every reboot I need to sign in to Twitter again.
  15. Northstandhero

    MIUI Rom

    What gapps do i need for this latest version? 4.2.1 or 4.2.2? Cheers Installed using 4.2.2 seems ok so far, deleted some chinese apps, but can't get mobile uncle tools to work so having probs fixing gps.

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