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  1. hi, i found this on XDA, it may help us to have CWM on the san diego. Even if i think the binaries from CMW are not fully runnable on x86. We have to edit the step3.sh to map our partitions and the chargemon script to be able to boot CWM, and take charger binary from san diego. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2020897 My 2 cents
  2. hi, i use windows 8 too, just enable compatibility with windows 7 (right click-> property-> compatibility-> execute as windows 7) and intel driver will install like a charm :)
  3. hi, i updated the script, i forgot to change path of files to push ^^ thanks to notice that it should work now
  4. hi guys, i just mounted my sdcard ! I have access to it!* so here the tools https://www.box.com/...z0i904buoryr67w First put your sdcard (formated in fat 32) in and reboot, a video to remove the back: http://www.modaco.com/topic/354760-removing-the-back-and-putting-in-a-microsd-video/ download the updated archive, extract it and then select the option 2, When it said remove and replug, between this two steps. Open Adbd Insecure and tick the two boxes (enabled, and enabled at boot), if it is already checked, you do not need to remove and replug for the next times then download the ICS SD binder app, and configure it like below: click sur save and reboot you have access to your sdcard in /sdcard/external_sd, and on your pc it is in the same folder /external_sd It is normal if the size of your sd given by windows is the same as before, there is only a link from the internal memory to the external sd, it is due to the MTP protocol, we need an advanced mod, but you can still use your sd, and app like double twist will recognize it. it should work, i need some of you test it :), because on my phone, i mounted it with adb, so even if i umounted it and put back original files before the test of my script, i need confirmation. (my sd card is in fat32) [*]please test it and give feedback :)
  5. yes the size of the sdcard is not displaied in windows explorer, because there is only a link to the sdcard from the internal memory, someone can tweak that but it comes from the MTP .... Concerning the double folder it is weird, i have only one folder, it may be created by the app, and i create it too during the process,
  6. @ rickywyatt because, i create a new part in your script so, your parts are untouched, if the sd card does not work, it is only the option 8. but if you do not want to I can create a other script, but like a lot of required file are in common, it is a bit useless, if it is working, you can post it, if not, dont post it...
  7. yep it seems, you already have insecure adb installed but not enable it, you have to enable it at each boot, it is why i ask to tick the box, enable at boot :)
  8. I deleted my post, because Ricky asked me to do it, but i find it very sad, that we cannot propose modification directly in the script, and have to create from A to z a new script wheres to add some line in the tools is faster. It is open source we can all contribute. you took my edited script to root and without ask me if i wanted.... but i will pass over that ... I will create a thread, and if it is working, i ask you to add these few line to your tools.. Good night
  9. it is the same here, around 5300 instead of 5600 on gingerbread
  10. too bad for the sd card, maybe a true android modder can help us. i will try to search on the internet :) @Darkvicious ok, je vais réessayer alors, et je lis aussi pc inpact :)
  11. I think the flashing screen is du to the exploit himself, because for me, it is only between the two reboot during the root process, but i do not have any others flashs. And about the simlock, since i have it for more than 3 months, in france we can ask orange to an unlock code. I asked it 2 weeks ago from their website, but i did not receive the code... Maybe even orange do not know how to unlock it :( anyone else to get an unlock code? About the SD card, i uncommented the line, and reboot, no effect but i have no scard to test, but it does not brick the pone :)
  12. for the sdcard, i think if we uncomment a line in the /etc/vol.fstab file( one wich starts with #dev_mount sdcard_ext/ at the end of the file, just delete the #) with rootexplorer by exemple, we can have it mounted at the boot. but i have no sdcard at the moment, so if someone can try this ? :)
  13. i just created a topic, but the script is a one click, you plug your phone, you run, and you have root :)
  14. Guys, i found a way to root our deer San Diego! i just edited the script from Binary from XDA forum. so thanks him ^^ and it is working, but we need the x86 version of busybox. so if someone find it, please post it: to root your san diego, you need: ICS Intel android driver your phone with debug usb on (Parameters->about->advanced parameters-> tick the first line :)) to download this archive https://www.box.com/s/1g1ouz0i904buoryr67w and run the RunMe.bat, your devices should reboot twice, and then you have root and the superuser application! enjoy :) PS: because we dont have the right version of busybox, some applications will not run, like LBE privacy guard sorry for the linux user, i did not edit the script, i think you just need to change in the do_copy function, to remove the /data/tmp/busybox before mount -o .:-> i edited the file and updated the archvie, but i have not test it
  15. i just tested titanium backup, and it is working! LBE privacy guard is not working, i think it needs the correct busybox, but i can see, the different applications who asked for su permissions into the superuser app
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