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  1. I almost had ... day after get unlock code I had to replace handset cos broken power button and since that time I waiting for new code :(
  2. #poslednitweet tak kde je ten vypinac nech mozem zhasnut...
  3. Hi guys, how someone ask before, is necessary debrand Orange stock rom to XoloGB before this update or it's posible do that direct?
  4. #olympics were changed to pure business and under hands few companies lose all magics. And sport is just disturbing thing for them!
  5. svk olympijsky house ma nesklamal, cakal som nizku kvalitu prezentacie a tej sa mi aj vrchovato dostalo...

  6. Hi guys I found this blogpost : http://www.androidnova.org/tag/unlocking-orange-san-diego/ its seems to be use xolo update.zip for unlocking OSD but someone tryed it and of course was success?
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