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  1. the web transferred to www.nckserver.com link is here http://nckserver.com/imei/6/6/Huawei--Factory-codes-All-level--2-time-delivery-per-day
  2. Korter_Gsm

    No need to sim unlock?

    Every one that still needs unlocking his huawei now Ebay not allowing Unlocking listings but still we provide it on our server u can use www.nckserver.com for ANY Huawei phone Unlock by code. Price is very low :) 5.59 US dollars just
  3. Unlocking Huawei Phones

  4. Korter_Gsm

    Unlock for Huawei G300 for £5.50

    I am sorry , but i can accept Paypal and Webmoney only, On Ebay you can pay only Paypal,
  5. Korter_Gsm

    Unlock for Huawei G300 for £5.50

    You are most welcome with any of my services. I am direct working with China factory and surely nobody will have any not solved issue with me!
  6. Korter_Gsm

    Unlock for Huawei G300 for £5.50

    Hi everybody, well here i am with you now Any question regarding your orders or unlocks or concerns u can write me here in public. I hope admins wlil not block this thread! I just want people be sure of what they are doing and no worries about not correct codes, I guarantee any phone Unlock even with blocked counter or whatever u have. Korter_GSM

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