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  1. When I did the update to the last version of this ROM I was stuck in the boot loop too. After that I did a fresh installation including a full data wipe and it was working fine. By the way I am using a ext3 partition. @ slowriter: You are welcome :)
  2. The script is working perfectly with this ROM. I am using the original INT2EXT+ from the XDA Forums http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1716124
  3. so apparently the problem is not the class10 SD card, that's good. I did my SD card partition (ext3) with MiniTool too, so tomorrow night I will upgrade my CWM and will rebuild my SD card with ext4. And yes I will flash the ROM with the original int2ext4+ then.
  4. I experience the same at the moment. I think you are right, it is not the ROM. I am using PJ 2 with int2ext+ (from C3C0) and every 2 to 3 days my phone crashes and sometimes the battery is draining as hell and sometimes I can easily go the whole day without charging. What SD Card do you use? I am not sure if my problems started when I bought the new SD Card. I am using a 32GB Class10 card now.
  5. Actually I didn't, even though I should because I rooted my phone, but that was almost 2 years ago. Will see if my phone freezes again tonight and if so I will have a look into it tomorrow morning then. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks for the tip. The file is empty so I guess I have to activate logging somehow?
  7. Hi Guys, does anybody of you know about a good system monitor with that I am able to analyse what makes my phone freeze over night while in sleep mode? It started last weekend. I got a new SD Card (32GB Class10) and flashed PJ2 with int2ext+. Everything is working like a charm but when I get up in the morning my phone is frozen. The notification LED for new messages is still flashing but I can't switch the screen on. Anybody any idea what I can do to find the reason for this issue?
  8. I also are having the status bar problem. The only way I get it fixed is by setting the navigation bar to 10%, but then of course I don't have the pie menu anymore. Beside that the ROM is perfect as always, no problems with int2ext+ either.
  9. I just updated and everything is working fine. Enjoy your vacations and take care.
  10. And anyway the Script is worth a lot of smiles. I am going crazy, installing more and more apps on my skate :-). ParanoidJelly and this script are a perfect combination.
  11. This really works great. I flashed it last night on ParanoidJelly. I have about 325MB apps installed and it is still lagfree.
  12. Because of the limited space on your Skates it is always a torture to decide which Apps you really need and which you want to have on your phone but don't really need for the daily use. So I was wondering what Apps are most important to you? 1. What Apps do you use in a daily base (inc. Launcher and Services) 2. What Apps do you have installed but only use every now and then (maybe once the week or less) 3. What Apps do you have installed but don't really use at all #1 Nova Launcher SwiftKey Flow Beta Cerberus anti theft 3D Watchdog Zooper Widget Icon Pack Black and Blue Google+ Google Books Google Mail Google Calendar Google Drive MailDroid TuneIn Radio #2 WhatsUp ES File Explorer CamScanner Google Play Music YouTube Maps and Navigation InDrive Google Play Service PocketCast #3 Skype DropBox
  13. I was using link2sd too but I loved that I could install even more apps by using int2ext. On the other hand I don't use the most of them anyway :-). So maybe I switch back to link2sd. Thanks for your answer and for your great work. EDIT: Do I need to do a full wipe when I would like to stop using int2ext?
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