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  1. The PID is on the phone's box, what look like: 6034R - ******* (7 characters of the phone specific). I hope I help you! ;)
  2. No roms, because no source code... :( And there are a community on a hungarian forum: mobilarena - idol s We're want to compile a cwm recovery now! ;)
  3. I found a possibility to root our lovely OT Idol S (I don't know if it's good to other Idol series phones...) 1. First of all, download and install the Alcatel Manager from here: Link (~74 MB) 2. In Settings - About phone menu tap 7 times to the Build number, so you now on developer mode. 3. In Settings now you can find a Developer Settings menu. Go on and switch on the USB debugging option! 4. Now connect your phone to your computer and wait until it install the drivers. 5. Than download this little file [android_root] and run it! 6. Wait until it find your device and then click Root! 7. Than the phone restarts and it's done! Thanks to p0rn from Idol S thread, mobilarena.hu! Watch out! It's for developers! No guarantee!
  4. Hey, guys! There is a CM11 ROM to Blade over here! I think devs may ask for some help from there... :ph34r:
  5. I must write to ZTE for source code... :ph34r: :P
  6. Is it possible to see the changelog? There is a build on 24.09 and 28.09, but I don't know what changes... Otherwise: how made this build? Tilal?
  7. It's funny: I found the calibration menu, thanks! But it's not work! :D But I found a calibration zip file on goo.im (C3C0's misc folder), I flashed it via CWM and now it works! ;)
  8. I'll try it soon! :D Alternative? Tell me something, please! :) Ohh, and one more question: Will it be/could it be a 4.3 ROM based on AOKP ever? Is it possible?
  9. You're joking, right? :( So it will be useless from now... Will it be hard to make an installable version of the SkateParts.apk? To make it available from the appdrawer.
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