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  1. Hi, for those of you unlucky enough to experience this error I've decided to write down what conclusion i've reached after spending 10 hours on google and modaco :D the conclusion is quite simple: 1. go to this awesome guide http://www.modaco.co...l-ics-403-b926/ 2. follow the steps from roughly half of the second step 3. Then follow this guide to install cwm http://www.modaco.co...__ cwm install 4. You should be up and runnin by now :))
  2. Hi, just wanted to report back after the installation of the newest Infusion... I must say it's awesome the responsivness of the phone improved drastically... and after the installation of the supercharger script i got to 3111 in AnTuTu Benchmark (with 32GB sd card... ) which is almost 500 more than i managed in with the 4.0.3. stock rom (with all my apps installed). So THANK YOU!! :)
  3. I've got a small problem, the 1st time i ran the startmeup script it worked jsut fine.. until.. let's say half?! dunno where exactly... but the problem now is when i try to run it again it says that the scriptmanager stopped working... what do i do ? any ideas please ? :)
  4. Hi, please tell me if this is normal behaviour or not... I'd installed 926 infusion, before that i had 926 stock and 927 as well.. problem is every time i re-flash phone it works just fine then i start adding some apps and when i reach let's say 3-4 widgets and +- 30 apps the phone gets super laggy, everything takes ages, and, for example, when i get a call it won't even load the callers name from the contacts, sometimes it freezes completely... is this normal? or do i have some app that's making the phone this useless ? :)
  5. Alexius321

    Incredibly laggy interface?

    This actually works, as soon as i set a limit to bg services phone got incredibily responsive :) no more "wait for an app".... :)) ty
  6. Alexius321

    Incredibly laggy interface?

    i'm gonna try this now... also i don't really have that much apps now, at 1st try i had like +-60 now i've got like 20 and it's still unusable :( kinda getting angry here.. i've considered downgrading but if that won't help then i'm pretty much stuck here :( also i'd love to avoid donwgrading... EDIT: BTW I'm at around 250mb ram... EDIT2: I've set the background services to 2 maximum and allowed hw acceleration and so far it looks awesome... will report back after some more testing :)
  7. there is nothing about what to do with the files included... do i have to run them in any specific order? or what exactly should i do after i download it? Thanks
  8. i've got the same error, basically the same case... i've done some searching so far with no results... anybody can help please? EDIT1: Tried this guide (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Iis5GoA8_8YcCkqS0cLT3c6Ckli9XmnG_Kq10K_-aeM/edit?pli=1) no change at all :(
  9. FIsrt of all thanks for the work, it's awesome :)) but there is but one major flaw... Is there any way to make camera functional? :)

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