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  1. I believe you can view flash content using the Skyfire browser.
  2. Hi, I recently upgraded on T-mobile to a Compact V. I have noticed that the phone whenever it is restarted, or loses phone signal and re-establishes it again, decides to try to connect to the internet, or at least establish a connection. I have been using SPB wireless to work out what program is doing it and it appears that it is T-mobile's Widget Manager. I have already hidden the Widget Manager from showing on the home page and I have also tried to change the settings so it would not connect when it feels like. It allows me to prevent connection whilst roaming but not at home (the option to do so is there, but it will not allow me to select it). Does anyone have any idea how I can stop this program? If would also be useful to stop the program from loading into memory since I do not use it (the Widgets do not seem to be very useful anyway; most just end up loading Opera anyway). Not sure if this is specific to Compact V, so I have not posted this in the specific Topaz section. Thanks for any help.
  3. Hi, Can I use the internet on a laptop using the Compact V's connection via cable? I currently do this using my Vario II. Thanks
  4. It looks like the new tariffs do not include calls/texts whilst abroad, but calls from the UK to abroad.
  5. Not sure if this is in the right section... Are there many differences between the Touch HD and the Touch Pro/Vario IV, other than the keyboard and the massive screen of the Touch HD? I would prefer Touch HD, but it seems unlikely that T-Mobile will have it, at least in the short time, and my current phone is knackered. The Vario IV seems like a good phone (the keyboard would be useful), but I would be somewhat reluctant to get it if the Touch HD has a lot more ram for example, or far better battery life. Any/all advice welcome. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am trying to stream some radio stations via my phone (Vario II, with T-mobile upgraded rom), but my phone does not seem to be able to connect to the radio stations. The internet links end with .m3u, .asx and .pls. I have tried both Mortplayer and another program, but am still unable to connect. If I connect my phone to my laptop and stream the radio stations via Media Player on my PC, they work, so it is probably not T-Mobile blocking, but more likely that my phone is the problem. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  7. I used to connect my vario II with WM5 to my laptop and it connected quite quickly. However, I updated my rom to WM6, and it still connects OK, but there is a delay of anything upto around a minute before I can use the internet - it also seems to pause my PC. After the pause it then works fine. I assume it is a network setting somewhere, since WM6 seems to treat the phone laptop connection as a network, whereas WM5 didn't. Any ideas? Thanks :( :D :D
  8. Thanks, much appreciated - after copying the files I can now create word files.
  9. I recently upgraded my vario II from WM5 to WM6 (the T-mobile pre-release) and it seems to be a lot better. However, when I try to create a new word document, I get an error ('an error occured. The document could not be opened'). On checking the word options, it appears that the default template is missing, hence why it cannot create a new document. It does not look like I can tell it where to look for the template. Anyone have any idea how I can resolve this? I can open pre-existing Word Mobile documents. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have my current ring tone stored on the SD card, however, recently for no apparent reason the file (together with a couple other ringtones also stored on the root of my SD card) became corrupt. A couple of files in a program folder on the SD also have been corrupted (possibly unrelated, but seems unlikely). The ringtones I have had no choice but to delete, however, the files in the program folder will not allow themselves to be deleted. Any ideas how I can get rid of the files without copying my entire SD contents to my PC, excluding the files, then formatting the SD card and copying everything back again. A couple of the files (though not all), contain square symbols in the file name, which the OS does not seem to like. The messages I receive when trying to delete the files are - - Access is denied (make sure the disk is not full or write protected and the file is not currently in use); or - Problem deleting file I have tried to delete the files via activesync, but it would not let me. And no, the files are not write protected or in use and the disk is not full. Anyone come across this before? I have had the same problem previously once before, but on a different device, with the program Mobiluck (which I do not have now). The program files renamed themselves with symbol keys and could not be deleted. The only program recently installed is F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus, which I thought I would test. This does scan all files apparently. Not that I have ever heard of a proper virus on a PPC device. My phone is the Vario II. Thanks :rolleyes: :P :D
  11. Thanks all, for your help. I will have to look on the back of my bill to see if there is anything of note on it. Failing that, I will log into my account a couple days before my next bill and have a look. It seems a bit daft to me, they set a fair usage policy but do not list on your bill how much data you've used. :rolleyes:
  12. I am on Tmobile Walk and Web Plus and have been using my phone as a modem via my PC. I have just received my bill so I thought I would check how much data I have used over the month, but I have been unable to find this info. I have logged in to the website to see if I could find this information, but have failed miserably. Surely I should be able to check the amount of data I have used? Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks
  13. Based on £3 per MB, doesn't 10KB work out at about 3p?
  14. I had the same problem last night, I discovered that although Activesync said it was sync'ing my phone (Vario II), it wasn't. Not sure for how long it has been doing this, but I have only had the phone a week. I updated activesync to version 4.5 in the hope of a solution, but activesync recognised my phone as a new device. I set up a new partnership and my phone sync'ed correctly. I have since amended a few contacts and it seems to be sync'ing OK. Not sure if this is of any help... you could try the same if you are not already on activesync 4.5
  15. Thanks, that's very helpful.
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