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  1. No, ROMs with the new kernel don't unlock the phone. In fact, it gets relocked if you had it unlocked by using CM10. My advice: don't be so damn cheap and pay to do a proper unlocking.
  2. ahatomastarday

    [JB] [4.3.1] CyanogenMod 10.2 [ROM]

    Praying and start saving for a new phone? :/
  3. ahatomastarday

    [JB] [4.3.1] CyanogenMod 10.2 [ROM]

    It must be a per device thing, then. Either Google is whitelisting particular devices in their Now app for this feature (are your friends' phones popular devices? Samsungs, HTCs and whatnot?) or some hardware capability is missing from the G300 that prevents the option from being shown (although I don't really know what would be, since all you need for this hardware-wise is a microphone...). Oh mystery!
  4. ahatomastarday

    [JB] [4.3.1] CyanogenMod 10.2 [ROM]

    I have never seen the offline speech recognition option in Google Now or the keyboard app in any ROM in this phone. I think that functionality might be limited to some specific devices or to devices with certain capabilities, just like the offline option in the YouTube app isn't present in WiFi-only tablets for example. Or perhaps it's limited based on your region (even if you change the phone's language, it still knows your actual region). If anybody ever had offline speech recognition working in this phone please share your experience, I'd love to be wrong.
  5. ahatomastarday

    [JB] [4.3.1] CyanogenMod 10.2 [ROM]

    FYI, it's perfectly safe to remove the contents of that folder. A workaround for this problem (although tedious) is actually to just keep clearing that folder regularly.
  6. ahatomastarday

    [JB] [4.3.1] CyanogenMod 10.2 [ROM]

    I wouldn't worry about the LED, they're supposed to work for years. Any phone's battery will degrade completely way before the LED has the slightest chance of dying.
  7. ahatomastarday

    [JB] [4.3.1] CyanogenMod 10.2 [ROM]

    Haven't even tried the new nightlies yet, but wanna say thanks to Dazz anyway just in case he's reading. A million thanks. You rock man.
  8. ahatomastarday

    [OFF TOPIC]Android 4.4

    Not in a million years. I'm hoping there will be custom ROMs, though.
  9. Deaths of phones with that memory seem to be related to the new 3.4 kernel that Dazzozo included in the latest nightly builds of CM 10.2 (those problematic builds are now deleted from the server). So if you want to be more or less safe, stay away from that kernel. Other than that, it looks like flashing ROMs on your device shouldn't be riskier that doing so in phones with the other kind of memory. Flashing unofficial ROMs itself is always a risky procedure that can lead to a bricked device, though, no matter how apparently safe a custom ROM is. But hey I guess you already know that.
  10. That's weird. WhatsApp is working just fine on my phone with CM 10.2, no issues whatsoever. In fact I don't remember anybody else complaining about it. Hope somebody can help you! Regards from a fellow Spaniard :P
  11. Well I think you said that you were working on it in a different code branch cause it wasn't ready, so I thought it was going to take a while. Glad to be wrong :) You're the best man!
  12. Kind of a silly question, but do you mean tonight's experimental nightly or the regular one? :|
  13. Okay, one last question. For the modified ROM, the posts says "achieved no lag in ported games and full movies with hw+ decoder (which is more battery friendly than sw)". Is that only for the modified ROM or for the flashable ZIP as well? Will I get those improvements in games and video with the flashable ZIP? Thanks again for your patience.
  14. Thank you, will try it later :D Another question though, why do you recommend installing minimal gapps? What's the difference with standard or "complete" gapps? Is there any difference in the apps themselves (like internally or something), or is it just that the minimal package comes with less apps than the complete one? I don't understand why would this really matter, because AFAIK the gapps get updated through Google Play after you've installed them. Care to clear this up for me? You or any other fellow who knows about it... Thanks a lot again!

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