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  1. Hello, Can I install Effem (FM Radio application) from CM9 to this rom?
  2. I'm in Orange Poland network. I'm sending logcat after mms receive (or data connection) fail. logcat.zip
  3. About 5 mms and it stops working. I'm receiving only text part of mms, and also sms from my mobile network with notification waiting (not received) mms. Also sending stops working. I'm testing now Your Eco CM9 ;)
  4. Hi @jventura Really is something wrong with mms auto retrieval, all working well about 1-2 days only after restart phone. After 2 days i need restart phone to receive mms or turn on data connection. Best regards
  5. Very good rom, thank you @jventura Quick question, it's any chance to change battery icon to circle with percentage?
  6. Hi bill48er I'm currently using SSRLS7 and at this rom 3g icon shows only while sending/receiving mms with data connection turned off. All other apps do not have access to the internet. In my stock rom and in AOKP-CM9 Remix RC 7.1.0 this also working. It would be nice if it will be fixed also in this rom.
  7. Very nice rom, but mms are not working with turned off mobile data connection.
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