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  1. Man could younplz tell me how you fixed this ygdp stuck at 98%

    My log has the same failed to transfer boot.IMG error along with checksum error....

    Plz help me :(

  2. I have been shown a way to install TWRP & SuperSU from this site: (Many thanks to Sparko612 who provided the info & links) http://forum.xda-developers.com/general/help/samsung-galaxy-j3-sm-j320fn-how-to-root-t3369511/page2#post68596176 Basically, download TWRP & SuperSU from these links & flash using Odin: TWRP http://www.mediafire.com/download/bl...-J320F.tar.tarroot file http://www.mediafire.com/download/cp...0630161323.zip The TWRP will be in Russian, but if you click on the right-hand side grey box then you can change to English. First thing to do is run a Nandroid back-up and once completed copy the SuperSU file to the phone/Ext SD card and flash this (I flashed it twice, as the first attempt just made the phone constantty reboot after the logo. When rebooting the system from recovery DO NOT select try to root as it might cause problems Next you can flash thexPosed Lollipop 5.11 from here : the framework for xposed lollipop 5.1.1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/hx...m-20151217.zip
  3. Yup - Tried on another PC, with a different cable and still the same result - The download will complete successfully, but the phone remains dead. Ah well, if anyone downloads a ROM with a scatter file, please let me know as I can't generate one with the phone being dead
  4. I have managed to get SP Flash tools download working, using Soda's guide, but now have a completely dead phone - Are there links to other ROMs with scatter files anywhere, as all the ones I have tried do not have these? I have found 2 ROMs with scatter files (below) miui_fi_emjot_4.5.16_multi_v02_spflash[YDSS]Coolpad_F1_8297W_wcdma_by_SodaBoth will run the download successfully, but will still not boot, and I haven't found any other ROMs with the scatter files.Can anyone help?
  5. I had the same issue and tried older/newer versions of the Coolpad tool. To get it running I held in both volume buttons and then the power button to boot to the correct mode, then plugged the phone to the USB
  6. Hi Dakok. Thanks for the tip, but I tried the CDA tool first (Version V1.89_141231), but could not get it to go which is why I am trying the YGDP tool. I tried CDA again with CPB file 4.4.046.P0.150720.8297W.CPB and this too fails at 98% with the error screen attached, if you have any idea what this says? :-) The phone display says Writing Flash.....' followed by 'Checksum error' What do you reckon - Wrong CPB file, or phone is fried? I have also tried with these CPB files, all with the same result: (The label behind the battery says Coolpad 8297 W, so I guess I have the correct CPB files). 4.2.020.P0.140409.8297W.CPB 4.4.035.P0.150323.8297W.CPB 4.4.046.P0.150720.8297W.CPB I also tried with/without memory card and battery installed and with anti-virus turned off, if you have any other ideas? Thanks again!
  7. Is there any way to root the Galaxy SM-J320FN phone (Using the latest Aug 2016 software LMY47.J320FNXXU0APH1 : Patch Level 1 August 2016) I have tried the TowelRoot, FramaRoot, Iroot, Kingoroot and Kingroot APK's and Windows versions to no avail? I also tried the process from NeedRom - http://www.needrom.com/download/root-for-galax-j36-sm-j320fn/ - which caused a Boot Loop which needed the factory reset and ROM to be re-flashed to bring it back to life Thanks in advance!
  8. Can anyone help - I am also stuck on the 98% failure for the Coolpad F1? I have tried 4 different versions of YGDP and 2 versions of the CPB files (4.4.035 & 4.4.046). Some of the versions will work and others are just getting hung at the 'Entering Download' stage - I have also disabled anti-virus on the PC when attempting these) I was running the (rooted) ROM AOSP-Nitro-A310-V3-Repack with CWM installed (This is no longer loading after various re-flashing attempts to un-brick the phone) and had the could not mount \cache error. Is there a site to download any later CPB files, as I was not able to from the the Baidu site, or anything else I can try, as I can only get as far as the Google boot logo? I have also tried SP Flash Tools and can get as far as the Download DA red bar loading, and then get the error 'BROM Error : S_BROM_CMD_JUMP_DA_FAIL (0x7F3)' Thanks in advance! EDIT - Log files attached, but the main errors are: 20:51:51 CELL0: Fail to transmit boot.img file Flag code 20:51:51 CELL0: Res: Checksum Error. 20:51:51 CELL0: Download failed,please try again!! 20:51:51 CELL0: Total download time elapsed: 4 min : 21 sec 20:51:51 CELL0: Downloading all files: Failed! 8297W_FAILED_CELL0_20.51.51.rtf
  9. I've been using this ROM since it first came on the scene and have not had any SD card issues, so I suspect it may be a duff card? Is there any pattern to when the corruption occurs - ie after any updates, or removal of software, or after running cleaning tools?
  10. I have tried that (numerous times!) by copying & pasting and entering the details manually to no avail - All settings are identical! The only difference is that the APN Type in offline SIM says '*' which is not an option - I have tried leaving as default, setting as MMS and various other combinations. Ah well, all else works fine except MM, so I will live without it & email instead! Thanks again Dakok
  11. Hiya! Got the same issue now I have updated my ROM to the MicroMax A310 4.4.2, as the Offline SIM APN database is not allowed to direct-write APN settings. As before, all are entered correctly and the only difference is that I do not have an 'APN Type' option to enter '*' in Any ideas on how I can get round this? Thanks again!
  12. Thanks Dakok - Much appreciated, but do you know of a similar keyboard which has the smiley option displayed all the time, as it is quite fiddly to have to hold the enter key with one finger, and then use another to press the smiley icon while trying to hold the phone? I had this previously on AOSP V4 laek.17 KitKat REPACK (v3 kernel), but a Titanium restore of the keyboard did not re-add this feature? Like this one: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://phandroid.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Google-Keyboard-2.0-Google-Play.jpg&imgrefurl=http://phandroid.com/2013/11/07/google-keyboard-2-0-now-available/&h=1892&w=3400&tbnid=5S9SEds8j9fi1M:&zoom=1&docid=C0rCG3sRfeXOpM&ei=EgfgVMW1INPlaOCTgZAG&tbm=isch&ved=0CA0QMygFMAU4ZA
  13. Great ROM - Just a few questions! There are no smiley images on the keyboard app when texting - Any way to get this back, or does anyone know of a similar keyboard to the one included which has these? (I have tried to restore the previous AOSP keyboard from a back-up to no avail) Also, downloads now go to a 'My favourites' folder - Does anyone know if I can create a 'Downloads' folder and point them there instead? Finally, has anyone else managed to get GoBackUp to recognise the external SD card? Thanks guys!
  14. Took a bit of playing about, but got there in the end - I had to go Pro to get the settings to work, as copying/pasting did not work... The only one that I could not set was 'APN Type', which was '*', as there was no option to set this manually. Many thanks Dakok - I have tried a few of these apps (including Tweakker, which has worked fine before on other networks) :)
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