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  1. cwm 6027 http://www.modaco.com/topic/359191-recovery-cwm-clockworkmod-recovery-v6027-touch-hybrid-cm-last-updated-1601/ ur welcome!
  2. has anyone met some issues related to phone discussion sound? distorted sound, unclear..something like this.
  3. as i know cwm 5 is not the best version of cwm. try using cwm i use this without any issues
  4. good point. i use mobile network apk wich doesn't measure data traffic when data is on. under 952 ww for instance mobile network apk was fine
  5. thank u for ur advice! but if u can read carefully i just said i don't have any methods to unlock my phone, including the one of this thread!
  6. as i looked out on the internet at this moment there is no free way at all to unlock our g300. this method is not for us. if u can see in the database our phone model isnt appear
  7. . it seems the battery is draining off faster on this version. your version was much better from this point of vue.
  8. @pacha::::man again and for the last time: you are not into the subject! just use your mind if you got one and try to understand. im talking about 19 version. and not the actual version. for your info: it was the 308 first release of huawei and after that it was in time #1.. #16 and #19 release of 308...and now it is the last one you are talking about but not me!!! whatever... .just keep up the good work man. you are the best... ps about respect man, just go down from the tree. respect is for everyone. but im not here to teach you
  9. hey man! use your brains just a little and show some respect! if u read carefully and of course if you use your brains.. you will noticed that i was talking about update-kernel-308G300_19 wich was posted on modaco by paul previously but probably you are not aware about that.. i also was talking about geno and omegamoons kernels wich also were good on jb. .. so finally use your brain and, again, show some respect!!! ps BTW my comment was for the maridroi creator not for you! who are you man? dont answer please...
  10. hi there! i tryied to change kernel. total failure. tryied 308...v19, others ....nothing. after every attempt i reinstalled the rom. this jb doesnt accept other kernels? akso i noticed the battery drains a little bit faster: lets say 25%/day. in the previous 952 ww i had only 10-15%/day. actually theese my only comments. the rom is ok. good work man!
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