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  1. Tapping the notification bar brightness the phone is locked and the scren turns black.Thanks Dazz by the rom,otherwise its fantastic.
  2. I upgraded to b07 but i installed twice and still gives me a b07 ota upgrade but i have it on can you help? Thanks.
  3. installed wifi all clean and working well for me and user apex launcher .Thanks Dazz
  4. I started again reboota after awhile someone else is wrong? officially my last update 944 official.Great job Tillaz luck with everything in all. THANKS
  5. i cant download the default theme help please where i cant download it?
  6. As i returned to b03,b05 anxious to probe .Tillaz wonderful work you are great
  7. Again at b04,b03 since i left stop aplications .Return to a solution but all good in b03.
  8. Thanks Tillaz.Great job ,i am from the b01 infusion (934).Thanks your work and dedication to all of us.
  9. downloaded and everything right in b03 ,just a question,the b03 version is dated 27-10-2012 i have to re download it again?
  10. Tillaz i could tell how to get the R and it detects the network with the H in the data? i am a user of spain and was only detected throughout .Thanks i solved by installing the official 944 and went back to get the infusion b2 and the H i detected .All perfect now.
  11. updated to b02 and everything working perfect.All thanks Tillaz
  12. ota updated everything perfect and working very well for me,i´ll get paypall and donar.Thanks Tillaz.
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