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  1.     i didnt answear here for along time because i didn't notice the replies, i found the solution today after i tried it again, the last time, all TPT's i tried to use had inside the image directory not an image.bin file but with a lot of files, like for example " boot.img" and "recovery.img" sorry for my stupidity ^^ didn't know the difference
  2. I wanted to do a TPT, but i can't even boot in the TPT. I pull the battery out, wait 30 seconds, put it back in and boot with Power, Vol+ and Menu. And it stays at the green Android bootscreen with the red LED shining. Tried it now a lot of times and it never works. Can anybody tell me what my mistake is? Sorry for not perfect English, i hope somebody can help me :)
  3. Hay guys, the Instagram Video function doesen't work for me with this rom :) (i just can't record them, it crashes) is there any fix for that? would be cool if anybody would know something :)
  4. WOW! using this rom since yesterday. it's just awesome. i never used miui before so some things were very confusing in the first moment. the lockscreen is laggy but that's okay.! keep up this awesome work! edit: wow! why are not more people using this rom, it is just wonderfull how smooth and quick everything is!
  5. Hay KonstaT. i think about buying this phone because it's really cheap near to me, but i have two questions ^^ 1. The Blade III's from switzerland have a simlock, is this relevant, have i to unlock it for this rom? (i dont really have a clue about this stuff) aaand 2. will you do someday maybe CM10.1? ^ _ ^ if yes i will defenietly buy the Blade III. greetings from germany :)
  6. Hayhay thanks konstaT again for the next awesome rom! i dont know if this is a big issue or not or it have to be fixed by the cyanogenmod team, but i just want to share this screenshot of a lot of error's i get with JuiceDefender. maybe it will help you somehow ^^' sorry for my bad english and greetings from Germany!
  7. Works Perfectly! did just format /system, and have all my apps and stuff from cm10. awesome!
  8. .avi with resolution with 720x480 works fine with s/w decoder (but sometimes the sound seems not 100% synchrinozed to the video), .mp4 (mpeg4(DivX)) with 720x480 works well too with h/w decoder, and i just tried .mkv with mpeg4(DivX) and 720x480 and it just started with s/w decoder and it was laggy, but hay, it is really awesome how much now works! ^ _ ^ ah! edit: some of my mp4 videos are REALLY laggy with h/w decoder and a little bit laggy with s/w decoder (mpeg4(divX), 720x480) and some work fine Ö_o
  9. clock, playstore, play music and gmail works on cm10 konstat. GenieWidget won't install
  10. Using the new Build and have to say, it's so awesome! i installed the 4.2 keyboard, gallery, camera, deskclock, playstore and google play music. and all this 4.2 stuff works perfectly. its so awesome! it feels again like a completely new phone :D thanks to everyone who is involved!!!! (i have still some h/w-decoder problems but thats really no problem!!!)
  11. i just installed the rom with full wipe (system/dalvic/.....everything) but still no working h/w decoder T_T some special configurations maybe?
  12. just installed the new build with but still can't use the H/W or H/W+ decoder with MX player, so the working hardware video decoding means something other or just youtube hq? ^^ love this rom and thanks everyone for the efford
  13. hay guys sorry for bothering you but i really don't understand how to install the 4.2 camera, gallery, keyboard, and the youtube hq fix, i dont want to brick my blade, can someone explain it to me please? ^^'
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