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  1. ART is not working. If you select it in the options it will automatical turn back into Dalvik after reboot... but be careful to prevent loss of data cu Fsc1
  2. WIFI works great with me here, but the "build-in" WIFI-Tether is still not working cu FSC1
  3. Try to reboot the phone! I had the same problem after updating. I could not play any sound and also all ringtones did not work and i had the same fc with the media-process. But after restarting and initializing the apps everything works like a charm. I think there are some persistent settings which will not work correctly after simple update. cu Fsc1
  4. You will find this in the developer-settings. (last point in the list...) cu FSC1
  5. maybe you should refer this:http://www.amphoras.co.uk/downloads/skate-tpts i tried it also several times and after all it works. AND: it works just with own tpt (!) and removed battery! AND: Use the part "manually" only! cu FSC1
  6. after tpt You should see green text appear on the screen, then once its finished you should boot into Clockwork recovery have you seen this? if not retry it and remove the battery. than put the battery back in and power on holding the vol+ and menu buttons. flash your chosen rom and reboot. If the TPT won't start, try using a different sdcard. some just don't like TPTs. cu FSC1
  7. i had the same problem with gapps in the beginning. before you start you need to made the right tpt with tpt-helper. you don´t have other possibility. you MUST made a bigger system partition with not less than 230mb before you start flashing. otherwise the install of kitkat together with the gapps will not work. after the tpt you flash the mod and the gapps together and after reboot both is working fine. use after this for e.g. sd2ext to expand the memory. cu FSC1
  8. i made it without any probs with cwm but be sure to use the right tpt before trying to flash. i use 4mb cache/ 231 system/ rest for installs. it works like a charm and all gapps fit perfect. sd2ext is my choice for the occuring memory-drain. cu FSC1
  9. Wonderful work! Thank you so much for showing us all the future of our skatie... some remarks: wifi is very often buggy google account is not working gapps are not working correct ...but this has high potential and will be wonderful for the future :-))) cu FSC1
  10. Here a short report from me for the new version from the 19th of november: goodies: it is very fast and stable very low glitches - almost on a forced close of an app smooth gui camera with photo works great (preview screen now much smoother than previous versions) nice backgrounds and sounds hq on youtube is unbelivable! maps etc. working fast and fine without gps-patch! gap's: glitches on video-preview in camera app player in galerie is more lagging and slow on playback gui and behavior is a very,very little bit slower than previous version (can this caused in tpt with 2mb cache and 230mb system? or in different sheduler from i/o?) goggle now not working some google apps not working little more battery draining (by sheduler maybe?) misc./suggestion: it would be nice to have the gapps working proper and also the google now also it would be nice to have an working flash but it is also ok as it is remarks: install is rather rough and difficulty because update is not working propper due to memory-lag (on update i can't mount with link2sd the install-partition). it is necessary to use tpt, but in my opinion this version has the requirement to go stable and in the future maybe to go on a final 4.1. maybe we should start talking about a new tread with "[CM 10.1]"???? thank you so much for this rare materpiece of work and development cu Fsc1
  11. Here a short report for the version of the 9th of november: goodies: excellent and stable very smooth and fast app drawer very stable widgets very stable even maps can now download offline maps ics camera very stable after trying a lot of app's no more fc's! this is superb! wlan very stable gap's: internal camera occurs with graphic flickering, no preview some minor graphic errors suggestion: this version has the ability for a stable, monthly release of cm10 Integration of google now would be fine (without manual installation...) Thank you for your fantasic work und for this masterpiece! cu Fsc1
  12. Here is a short report about the version from the 29th of october: Goodies: Works fast and smooth Gps works very well (Sat-Fix) Camera (Foto and Video) works with ics-camara from Play-Store No more power-leak, battery runs very long Wifi works good Gaps: Launcher not stable App-drawer not stable / widgets crashes Reboots and crashes (more often if an bigger app was started after a standby) Map crashes when trying downloading offline-map Included camara-app crashes Suggestion: would be nice to include some more eye-candy like transparent lock-screen and UI/GUI's from paranoid... please include google-search for google-now and a better and more stable gallery would be nice Thank you for this fantastic project and your amazing work cu Fsc1
  13. +: Gps-Fix works also very good and fast -: Maps crashes very often when trying to download offline-maps cu FSC1
  14. Here a short report for the new version from 18th october: Goodies: WiFi now very stable and fast Google Now running stable (voice search already not working) System and GUI now very fast and smooth Camera ICS is working (from Play Store!) but no video Bad behavior: Trebuchet (also alternative and common Launchers) running very instabile Play Store crashs very, very often (also in different versions and Gapp-packages testet) Sometimes graphic errors on first (!) start of an app especialy if used GPU Widget-sizing sometimes buggy Sometimes after reboot the system can not mount 2. partition - very often i have to use quick reboot of Link2SD to fix it Voice search and alternatves from Store running very buggy Sometimes an app has already downloaded and installed on sd-card and is already running (!) but "downloading" still occurs in status-menu I hope this short notice will help to improve the system cu and carry on this fantastic work! FSC1
  15. Dear Tilal, thank you so mutch for your great work! i noticed some bugs/problems: 1st: I have now also the same problem with wifi - after some time it canncel the connection and it freezes in the settings - only after reboot i can use the wifi again. I tried different i/o-scheduler, but the problem is still remaining and it wasn´t in former release of 16th of august. 2nd: The Play-Store crashes now very often after a while of use, most after an complete download and after an installation of an app (maybe because of my 2nd partition and link2sd?). works in former release very well 3rd: The volume for different "alerts" like notification, new massage etc. is sometimes not working properly Keep on, you did a great job!!! FSC1
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