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  1. Nenade, Here is download link for Temple Run 2, arm6 modded. http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/82849096/file.html Uzivaj:)
  2. Does anyone else has problem with DSP manager? Even when i enable equalizer and choose any present it makes no diference. The sound is still to quiet...reinstalling dsp manager didint help, reflashing rom neither?
  3. I tried today with fresh formated sd and it`s much better. It`s little slower just in some situations and i thin i will continue using it....I thing this is the same methodd that manufacturer(Huawei, Samsung etc.) using with internal SD card. I had Huwaei S7 slim with 2.8gb internal memory and i think 4.8gb internal sd card. In fact that is one internal SD card with two partitions, one ext2 or ext mounted to data and one left as storage. So when manufacturers practice same thing, i think this is safe enough to use. Thanks for informations.
  4. Ramon, I read somewhere you mentioned you tried int2ext+ on this rom. Did you felt any difference in performace? I trided both int2ext+ and int2ext+deodexed, and both times I felt my phone was significantly slower the usual? What is your experience on this? I used two different sd card, both sdhc class4, maybe that is reason for bad performance?
  5. I had same problem when i changed screen DPI. Its weird, even if you restore to default values you might still have same problem. Try rerstoring dpi to 240, if it stil dont work, try next: do backup,delete your google acunt, and restore dpi to 240(because pa and pj use non defaullt dpi) then after this done only sign up hith your google acount. But i hope you will fix this just after restoring dpi do its default values. After installing apps you can continue to play with dpi.
  6. Hi guys, TW 5.0 posted from S3. Every thing you need you can find in this post:
  7. Settings/Advanced/Calibrate proximity sensor. Just be sure your phone(precisely sensor) is pointed to some light source, or your are outside in daylight before you do that.
  8. What do you mean by "enabled wma hw decoding"...because it dosent work? not without some app like bs player or vplayer, but it uses sw decoding. When i check hw decoding it crashes.
  9. It can have tw launcher 5.0, but just for Cm9 and Cm10. I am using it, and its posted from galaxy s3. For cm9 tested: http://www.4shared.com/zip/rcEGexra/CM9_TW_Launcher.html? This is flashable package. For cm10 tested: http://www.4shared.com/zip/EDrO0xtm/CM10_TW_Launcher.html? Not flashable, just place files in system/ like in package and set rw-r-r.
  10. Good thing about Zeelog 2.55 build is fully working 4.2 gallery(every option in photo editor works fully, while our photo editor crashes when applying some effects). Also camera app that is part of galley app looks better. Also Hot reboot option in power/reboot submenu is very useful.
  11. I think that would be great idea. Just switch between 2g and 3g, or option for both as you said. 2g/3g confuses phone...i am downloading 5mb file for 15 min on this mod although earlier speed was about 5-7mbps.
  12. Unfortunately I cant agree with you. 2G is unusable. When I switch to 2g/3g phone sometimes(often) uses 2g network even there is 3g cover...cant say why. In the most of the plases where i used 3g with ParanoidAndroid, now im on 2g:(...i saw that many poeple have same problem with roms without this option when i looked for solution. Thanks anyway.
  13. There is no option to switch 2g/3g/2g+3g network mode. Is there any way to espect this option in next release? Thanks in advance.
  14. I noticed that when i open any app i hear some noise on loud speaker, just like TTS is on, but there is no voice, just noise. I dont have any TTS engine enabled, uninstalled Pico TTS, reinstaled rom with full wipe but there is no success. Is anyone else have the same problem, and how can i fix this?
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