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  1. Did anyone fixed wifi somehow? I tried B3 and B2.1 both have same problem... stuck while "turning on wifi".
  2. I like this rom a lot. But I have question for its users. How long your telephone will stay alive with this ROM? Is it battery hungry for everyone or just me? My phone is dead after 2 days :/ At first I blamed Viber, then smart launcher but it's fault of the ROM.
  3. bflmpesseveze


    Can you tell me what is V6 supercharge for? Is it just for smoothness in menu? I tried to read the link you post, but its not guide, its total chaos. Hunderds of font size, font colours, underline, bold, pictures. I have no idea what is important what is "trash". So I read all of it with no idea what about Im reading. Can you give me 1,2,3,4,5 guide?:) Or write it for newbie-like:)
  4. I saw some review of Firefox OS on some their phone and it was soooooo slooooow. Is this one fast enough to use it everyday? BTW whats the difference from android anyway? I looks like a template.
  5. bflmpesseveze

    [ICS] MeijaICS [B952 4.0.3] FINAL Version !

    I use whatsapp, call, sms. I do not overclock, only if I want to play some game. Im turning off wifi if I am out of singal. I don't use bluetooth. Its easy to get to 4 days. 6 days is my record with the same usage:) Best results I got with stock+ and Infusion. S3 is more hungry, 4 days are max. Battery 1500mAh. Anyway, I tried mejairom but same problém with Rayman. I tried downgrade to gingerbread where everything is ok.
  6. It has been answered already. Don't set your phone as "mass storage", let it be MTP (mass storage is not working). Format and reflash your ROM.
  7. bflmpesseveze

    [ICS] MeijaICS [B952 4.0.3] FINAL Version !

    Im going to try this one too. I tried B3 I think, wich was not what I was looking for but newest is 10 so there must be something new or better. I'm trying to find ROM with fixed multitouch in Rayman with good performance in game (Shendu / MariDroi has fixed multitouch but very low performance). I think I tried almost every ROM in this forum, always the same result, good performance, bad multitouching or vica versa. I love booting logo:D Almost as good as Fallout bootlogo on MariDroi:)
  8. bflmpesseveze

    [ICS] MeijaICS [B952 4.0.3] FINAL Version !

    2 days are very low for me tbh. I recieve around 60 sms per day (at least), do 30min - 60min calls, always on Wifi or 3G and never turn it off (24hours /day). I get 4 days minimum with stock+, infusion, baidu, Galaxy S3... Baidu has some problems. I think they use another kind of multitasking, because when I use Whatsapp messanger on Baidu, most messages wont show until I open whatsapp manually. I have never seen this problem on any other ROM.
  9. bflmpesseveze

    [ICS] MeijaICS [B952 4.0.3] FINAL Version !

    I have the same question as always in all rom's threads :D What about Rayman Jungle Run? Is it Working or I have to use two fingers and try to hit menu buttons?
  10. Rayman is somehow sooooo sloooow with Maridroi M2. touching works fine but game itself is very slow. Others ROMs have problems with multitouch but game is fast :/
  11. hi pOcHa.Im going to try this ROM version. You know, I had problems with Rayman Jungle Run. I will report what I find. But I have bought it from Google play and I can't find 1.3.0 version. Can you send .apk?
  12. Thanks. I copied your attachment to /system/app and overwrite that one, reboot, but still after trying to install allbackup.apk - "Application not installed".

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