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  1. http://www.modaco.com/topic/355870-tpt-for-sf2/ here you choose your sizes :) I choose 220 system + 200 data + 20 cache
  2. Why don't you change partition size with TPT ?
  3. Yes with a TPT I put 220 in system and 200 in data
  4. Crescent is quite outdated now. Was well sold in France but now not a lot of people have one. I think same occurs in USA or UK as you can see that there is only one person trying to update the phone. Added to this, some hardware parts are painful because of drivers : lack of correct cameras, and so... That's sad but normal...
  5. On a Crescent ? Not sure but can't remember lol. Had to TPT first time I wanted to test a CM ROM on it !
  6. Not enough. Stock is 160 if I remember well. Max 200 in any case, that's not enough for CM. You can only use a stock ROM, AndroIum or any derivative from stock (FNC) or SlimBean 4.x ...
  7. Another question : is it possible to "backport" your power menu to another ROM like AndroIum ? Which files do I need to take from your ZIP to another ROM ZIP ? Do I need to change something else ?
  8. No more than usual. 1 or 2 reboot but nothing shitty ;) Battery drain maybe :/
  9. That's strange because on a 2.3 ROM, is still can be downloaded from store. Does this mean Google thinks "4.x ROM = Arm7 smartphone only" ?
  10. Ok. Found 1 small problem : G+ app is closing at launch :( Can you try it please ?
  11. Ok, thanks for the tip :) Will wait for a CM9 with fixes then :)
  12. Hope will see a CM10/11 with all those fixes because I think that ICS is a little bit outdated...

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