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  1. Merwenus

    THL W7s

    Btw anyone knows a CWM for this phone?
  2. Merwenus

    THL W7s

    There is no such thing as too big phone, only smaller hands than it should be! :D Too bad, I thought this shiny "little" thing will attract thousands of big handed ppl. I've just ordered it but I guess I wont find technicians who will improve it :)
  3. Merwenus

    THL W7s

    How comes this phone does not have a wide support, this is one of the best 5,7" phones around?!
  4. Too bad it also changes other things beside the toggles :\ For example the long-press-home window, i have no idea what is the name of it, but it contains the recent apps. :\
  5. And how can I install only the battery icon from CM and the CM icons (wifi,bt etc) This center clock and % battery is pretty lame :\ Btw is there ANY option for this UI? because it is pretty nice and fast, but I can't find anything besides wallpaper and widgets :\
  6. Where is the button for applications? something like this (::) And how can i implenet the CM style wifi/bt/sound/brightness buttons and battery ikon?
  7. What do I have to flash to make internal 2gb storage as default and put every android files there from my SD card? Like Meija rom B9. edit.: I will edit build.prop before i flash the rom and hope for the best result :D #/*Support ICS double sdcard. The value may be external_sd or internal_sd*/ persist.sys.main_storage=internal_sd
  8. I already tried out many of them, it was the best (less bugs). Lightning is the other less buggy, but it has too much FC.
  9. Thank you, yeah found out how to reinstall with deleting odex file and now it is working, but my gf just called me, and didnt show picture/name, so i guess something is still not 100% with this.
  10. After using for 2 days. Nothing changed but this caller id lag patch. But not 100% sure it is because of it, i will test it more) 1) Poweramp fc on start, and stopped working, and not just stopped working it entirely refused do reinstall. 2) Lightflow fc on start. I am using Meija B9.1, and I will reinstall the rom today to see if this is the problem.
  11. I've used a samsung mobile with almost the same hardware and when I rotated it it change orientation instantly. G300 needs 2-3 seconds to do this, is it possible to hack it, and change values for this ?
  12. With your rom, cant make it work to put everything in internal storage, gallery becomes buggy all the time.
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